The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence Review

Hola Fellow Beauty Addicts,

I picked this bad boy up when it launched in Japan last year but was working my way through my beloved Sunmedic sunscreen by Shiseido.

On a side note – Sunmedic is neither fancy nor sexy, but is a great product available at most drugstores in Japan, and provides a hardcore SPF 50+ and PA++++ protection. However, I noticed a change in the packaging recently, and a change in the formulation to go with that. I wear SPF 50 all year long under makeup and hate that sunscreen-y smell. I can’t stand it. And so I’ll have to investigate further, but it might just be that I need to find an alternative to this. Which is a bummer actually, as at JPY 2,100 for 50ml it’s higher end but still affordable.

Right, back to the original topic of this post – The Body Shop’s sun protection.

This product is a dream. It smells incredible (like roses), and the texture is so light on application, and absorbs beautifully. It is a gorgeous base for makeup, whether you use primer over the top or not.

It has not irritated my sensitive, reactive skin in any way – something I was worried about given the fact that it does have a certain scent/fragrance – or broken me out.

I adore the hardcore SPF 50 PA++++ protection and find the packing to be modern, classy and gorgeous. It is a lovely addition to your makeup bag or your cosmetics/vanity table.

The only thing I dislike/struggle with about this product is that it costs ¥3,024 for 40 ml, but that’s because I am a bit of a cheapo when it comes to face products I use regularly and get through quickly. I would have preferred a price point closer to ¥2,000, but since I love The Body Shop and everything they stand for, I am happy to keep re-purchasing this and supporting them. I am sure the retail price in Japan is more expensive anyway, so I’ll have to stock up next time I travel abroad.

If you are really worried about how your skin will react to this sunscreen, I would recommend going to your local store and doing a patch test – I did that – but I would happily recommend this sunscreen to anybody. It has already achieved Holy Grail status in my life, and I love it as much as, and possibly even more than, my Shiseido Sunmedic sun protection.

Have you tried this sunscreen before? I’d love to hear your thoughts on it if you have.

What are your favourite products from The Body Shop? I’m such a fangirl I rarely leave a store empty-handed!

Have a great day beauty freaks!


The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-protection Essence



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