LUSH Daddy-O Shampoo Review

A Formula For Shiny Tresses (for Brunettes)

Hey Beauty Lovers,

I will get straight to the point with a review of LUSH’s Daddy-O shampoo – aka the scary/beautiful purple one.

A fun fact for you: the Japanese name for this shampoo is Sexual Violet. I’m really not sure why…

It is the first LUSH shampoo I have ever tried, and I will admit, even though I am a brunette, I was terrified that this would tint my hair purple. I’ll clear that up right now – it doesn’t. Not visibly anyway.

According to LUSH this shampoo was designed for blondes and those with silver/grey hair, but like many a dark haired lass before me, I have found it leaves my tresses super shiny and super soft.

I’ve even had comments about whether I’ve done something to it colour-wise, as the natural colour looks more vibrant, but I always tell people honestly that it’s all down to Daddy-O magic.

I don’t know how or why it works, but it just does. No other shampoo has ever left my hair so shiny.

I bought the 250g bottle and it has lasted for months and months. To tell you the truth I’m even getting a bit tired of using it, even though I considered it my Holy Grail for a while, and I adore the way my hair looks after using it.

I will say that it smells quite strongly of violets, especially when you are washing your hair, but it doesn’t linger for too long or smell too strongly once it’s dry.

If you are not a floral scent sort of person, you will not like this.

I really loved it at the beginning, but as I mentioned, I have been using this for about 8 months now so I’m a bit bored of it, but that’s not the shampoo’s fault. I should probably alternate shampoos to stop this happening.

So even though LUSH shampoos might be pricier than drugstore brands, I think the return on investment works out well in the end. I also love buying from brands that I can really get behind, and LUSH is one of them.

The shampoo lathers really well, and it gets your scalp squeaky clean. Even if you like applying oil to your scalp to keep it in tip top condition, this will zap any trace of it better than any drugstore brand I’ve ever used.

Sometimes I even feel like it does the job a bit too well. Winters are very dry in Tokyo so perhaps this is a shampoo more suited to summer and more humid climes.

I’ve not had any issues with staining, maybe because I am quite thorough with rinsing out shampoo.

On the whole I would say if you are a brunette considering trying this out, give it a go, perhaps with the smaller 100g bottle first.

I would like a change after using up this bottle of Daddy-O, but I will definitely be buying a smaller 100ml bottle to use alternately with another shampoo when I feel like I want shiny goddess tresses again.

Hope you are having a great weekend everyone!

Lots of love,





2 thoughts on “LUSH Daddy-O Shampoo Review

  1. Great review! Liked and subscribed; looking forward to your future posts. 
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 Have a good day!
 Mena from 🌷

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