Fairydrops Quattro Mascara – Best Mascara EVER

Fairydrops Quattro Mascara Review

Hey Japan junkies!

A review of a cult Japanese beauty product awaits you today.

Finding your Holy Grail mascara is a big deal. And it might sound a bit dramatic but this mascara is EVERYTHING!

Of course, I’ll always keep trying new products as beauty technology is always innovating, evolving and improving, but this remains the single best mascara I have ever used. It might not be good for everyone, but I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to try out a new mascara.

The formula is lovely and easy to apply, and I really like the uniquely shaped brush. It’s one of the narrower ones, which is excellent for people like me who struggle with the fatter ones. I found Rimmel Scandaleyes Retro Glam really hard to use and it often got on my eyelids, plus it was so hard to remove. Fairydrops works well for bottom lashes too.

I’ve found that you can layer with this mascara, and the result is darker, lengthened lashes that still look natural.

It’s also really easy to remove – I believe it can be removed just with warm water, but I always cleanse with oil to start anyway, and that works really well too.

But please don’t go thinking that because it comes off easily it smudges or is anything other than waterproof. This baby only comes off when you’re ready, and not before.

I have cried my heart out wearing Fairydrops mascara – just cried and cried and cried until my eyes were swollen, my nose were red and my face was splotchy – but it did not budge or smear. This stuff is watertight.

My only issue with it is that I haven’t seen it here in Japan yet in the regular drugstores like Matsumoto Kiyoshi, although I may have a lead on it that takes me to Ginza. I will report back should I find it.

I picked mine up at Sasa in Hong Kong, and I believe many fans purchase theirs online. ASOS stocks both versions of the mascara for GBP 18.50. There is a Waterproof version in addition to the original Quattro version, but I find the Quattro waterproof enough.

The mid-range price is not something I love about the product, but I would definitely buy this again, just because of the sheer quality. It also contains 8 different beauty ingredients that are good for your lashes – and we all want lashes to die for.

This price point (2,000 to 2,500 yen) is probably as high as I would go for mascara though – I don’t see myself heading down the high end mascara road any time soon.

Of course, while I have found mascara peace with my beloved Fairydrops Quattro Mascara, I still want to try the Flow Fushi Mote Mascaras because, why not? So many mascaras so little time!

I would love to know what your Holy Grail mascaras are, darlings.

Have a beautiful day!










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