OBGYN Recommendation in Tokyo

Finding an OBGYN in Tokyo

A very quick post from me to start the year.

As a foreign woman living in Tokyo, it can be difficult to find the right OBGYN – and of course it’s one of those things you don’t necessarily think about until you really need to see one.

I have been to a few in my time here and will talk a little bit about each one and the one I recommend the most. I have found my Holy Grail OBGYN.

When I used to work in Hiroo I went to Parkside Ladies Clinic in Hiroo. They were convenient for me at that time, and efficient, but it seems they are no longer accepting new patients who do not speak Japanese.

Needing to find one near to my new workplace once I settled on Sanno Hospital‘s OBGYN department. Sanno Hospital may be the nicest, poshest hospital I have ever been in in my life. They had a grand piano in the lobby, and the interior looks like a fancy apartment block. You can even pay using a snazzy machine. I seriously wanted to move in.

Things may be different for pregnancy, but for what I needed I found Sanno Hospital incredibly time consuming and wouldn’t recommend them for something simple like a yeast infection like thrush or vaginosis. I had to wait ages and ages to be seen – and I was possibly the only non-pregnant woman in there! Something funny happened to me in there but that’s a story for another day.

I have been to Manami Women’s Clinic in Azabu Juban. If you ever need the morning after pill you can get it there, and they offer a ton of other services like the pill, HPV vaccinations and cervical cancer screening.

The doctor speaks English, but I found the receptionist really hard to communicate with. When I went the doctor was wearing a surgical mask and maybe that’s the reason, but I found her not super approachable, and felt she was even a bit stand-offish. I’d love to know if you’ve been there and had a better experience than me.

The last place, and my Holy Grail OBGYN of all time, is Dr Sakamoto & Associates Tomoko Ladies Clinic in Omotesando.

I saw Dr Sakamoto himself, and he was an incredible human being. He was warm, kind, friendly, and made me feel so comfortable. There was also none of that weird separation curtain and robot chair that I experienced at Sanno and Parkside, and also when I had a smear as part of my  annual health check at Yoyogi Hospital (shudder).

He explained clearly what was going on and showed me everything I needed to see. Maybe this is normal service to him, but for me it was amazing and I really felt like he was treating me as an individual person.

I cannot recommend Dr Sakamoto enough. I will not go anywhere else in future, unless Tomoko Ladies Clinic is closed for some reason and I have some emergency. I’ve found The One, I’m good.

If you have any experiences with other OBGYNS in Tokyo or other cities in Japan, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. This is exactly the sort of information I found helpful when looking online for OBGYNS in Tokyo, and it’s so much nicer to go to someone when you know what to expect and if they come recommended.

All of the above mentioned OBGYNS also accept Japanese health insurance.

Happy New Year, Japan fans.

Hoping 2017 brings you much joy, success, and beautiful memories with your loved ones.

So much love,






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