The Merits of a Properly Fitted Bra

The Right Bra Can Change Your Life

I am a strong believer that the right bra can and will change your life, and that if your bra makes you uncomfortable in any way, you are wearing the wrong size and fit for your body shape.

Something like 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size. Are you one of them? I certainly used to be.

I wasn’t properly fitted until I was 22 – that’s a loooooooong time to be wearing the wrong bra size! Seriously, they never teach you any really useful life skills at school! People should get lingerie classes or something, at least so they can be informed about something as essential as underwear.

If you don’t like or don’t need to wear a bra, then all I can say is lucky you! Enjoy your boobs!

Supportive lingerie is an absolute essential item for me, especially as I have a small back size and comparatively larger bust size. Luckily, nice lingerie is something I adore. I guess everyone needs a hobby!

Normally, one should get measured every 6 months, but sadly I only manage to get this done whenever I’m in the UK and it’s been a loooong while now.

It can be a little awkward to get your boobs out and have a stranger measure you and see if this intimate piece of clothing fits you correctly, but it is so worth it, I promise. The end result is confidence boosting and your clothes look better on as well, once the right support is going on underneath your clothes (oh hello Shakira lyrics!).

My favourite place for this is the lingerie floor in Selfridges on Oxford Street in London. All of the retail assistants are so professional and friendly, and they know their stuff. Plus it’s so elegant and luxe up there. I love it!

Freya and Fantasie have been my favourite go-to brands for many years now, but I’m so excited to try more Panache bras – I have one sports bra and they seriously make the best sports bras ever! I can’t wait to try out my first Curvy Kate set one day; their designs are gorgeous and love that they are all about body positivity. Also on my to try list are Bluebella, La Perla, Aubade and Agent Provocateur lingerie, although I know that for me fit may well be an issue with those.

If you live overseas you can try shopping with Bravissimo or Figleaves.

Bras in Japan

That’s the big question, isn’t it?

Japanese lingerie is like Marmite – it’s to your taste or it isn’t. Visitors to Japan usually fall into one of the two categories. Peach John and Triumph are two of the brands I see around the most.

Personally, sizing aside, I just can’t handle all of the padding, ruffles and ribbons and it looks itchy. It’s just all a bit too much and too little girly/princess-y for me, and I prefer Western-style designs and fabrics, which I feel are feminine and sexy. With all that extra stuff in there it’s no wonder that the general fashion here is layers and loose tops. Otherwise everything would show through!

It’s all a matter of personal taste though. If you own Japanese lingerie and love it, please let me know! I’m passionate about lingerie and always love to learn more about it. Maybe I just haven’t given it a proper chance.

For those of you interested in Japanese lingerie, here’s a great link:

Here are some links to my personal favourite brands:

Sending so much love your way.



4 thoughts on “The Merits of a Properly Fitted Bra

  1. Commenting ages later. I remember buying undies in Japan only too well! I was there for a year and a half. And luckily I took enough bras – I could tell that none would fit me!

    One time when I bought knickers I thought, hmmm, I’d better get the biggest pairs, even though I’m a U.K. size 10. The lady at the till said quite pointedly “These are large.” Cringe!

    Interesting blog. I lived in Kansai and then Kitakyushu when I was in Japan.

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