Diane Repair Hair Mask

Hello Beauty Junkies!

A very quick post today to let you know about my current favourite hair mask in Japan.

For a long time I was devoted to the Ichikami hair mask, the one that comes in a pot, simply because it smelled amazing. It also did an okay job, but eventually I found it underwhelming and decided to make a change.

Perusing all the options in the drugstore, I settled on this one – Diane Repair Hair Mask. I chose the Extra Damage Repair because of all my split ends (I haven’t had my hair cut since March 2015, eek!)

I like that the packaging is in English, that it smells lovely jubbly, is thick and creamy, contains argan oil, and that it costs about JPY 1,000 – super affordable, right?? You can also pick it up at any drugstore, so it’s widely available.

I apply this to the ends of my hair, and leave it to do its thing for a few minutes while I take a shower, and then rinse it out together with the shampoo at the end.

It seriously leaves hair shiny and silky soft and I’m a fan – I’ve been using it for over a year, so I’m definitely devoted.

If you are in Japan I recommend picking up a tube and trying it out.

Enjoy your weekend, darlings!





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