Aggressive Retsuko

Animation Done Right

I haven’t had time for animation in a really long time, but I fell in love with this cute little series immediately.

This adorable little series consists of one minute episodes about a 25 year old office worker and her daily adventures with her annoying co-workers.

When they’ve pissed her off beyond the point where she can handle it, she relieves her stress by singing death metal at karaoke.

It really makes me smile, and we can all relate to having co-workers that annoy us, right? Sometimes I watch and think, “Girrrrrrrrrl, I feel you.”

At the TV station shop you can purchase super cute Aggressive Retsuko merchandise. I want it all!

The character was created by Sanrio, the same people who brought us Hello Kitty.

Here is the YouTube trailer in Japanese:

If you want to check out the episodes with English subtitles, you can catch episode 2 here: A YouTube search will yield the other episodes on other channels, although not in the best quality.

Do you like Japanese animation? I’d love to know which ones you like.

I am part of the French generation that grew up with Club Dorothee; so nostalgic! If you have any idea what I’m talking about here, please do leave a comment – it will make my day!

Have a beautiful day, everyone! I hope you are less stressed at work than Aggressive Retsuko!

So much love,





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