Tangle Teezer Love

The Hairbrush to Untangle All the Knots

I had seen Tangle Teezer brushes in Boots stores in the UK for a long time, but it wasn’t until I was working in Japan and fortunate enough to meet the founder, Shaun Pulfrey, that they really showed up on my radar.

Background on the Tangle Teezer Brand

Shaun Pulfrey, former hairdresser and the creator of the Tangle Teezer brand, is really passionate about his product. It shows and is positively infectious!

He took his uniquely designed hairbrush on to the British TV series “Dragon’s Den” and was rejected.

However, he was so committed to his vision that he did everything to make his dream a reality and Tangle Teezer launched in 2007.

The brushes have gone on to win a number of awards, mostly in the beauty industry but also the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise, and get shown a lot of love by celebrities.

If you are interested in the business aspect of the brand’s journey to exporting to Japan, please feel free to check out the case study I wrote last year: http://www.exporttojapan.co.uk/system/files/success-story/files/Tangle%20Teezer%20Case%20Study%20E2J.pdf

My Thoughts on the Tangle Teezer – the Good

I have two brushes, the original regular sized one and the compact version, and I enjoy using them both on both dry and wet hair.

What I love about the brushes is that they really don’t pull your hair and I feel like I lose less hair when using them.

These brushes work really well on my fine, thin, straight hair.

They also sort knots out quite easily and with less pain and tugging.

Japanese women find that this brush gives their hair a lot of shine.

They look super cute – who wouldn’t want one of these on their makeup table or in their kit?

The compact version especially comes in lots of adorable prints and colours, and is so, so good for travelling. For backpackers, it fits nicely in the netting on the side of the bag, or can easily be slipped into one of the side pockets.

I love that they are Made in Britain, supporting the local economy, and that Tangle Teezer are partnering with three excellent charities, and doing good in the world. I love supporting brands with a social mission.

Another thing I adore is that Tangle Teezer are always innovating and coming out with new brushes for different functions. I am passionate about beauty and innovation and when the two meet, something beautiful happens.

My Thoughts on the Tangle Teezer – the Not So Good

Because they are made from plastic, I have found that sometimes the teeth can bend and stay bent after some use or if you store them squished against other items or in a suitcase. This is for the original styler. The compact styler has a cover so you don’t need to worry about storing it or carting it around.

The teeth might also show some wear and tear with the plastic peeling off, but I think this is my fault in scrubbing away too hard because I am obsessed with product buildup on brushes and it making my hair greasy. I’m not sure how common an occurrence this actually is.

You cannot use it in tandem with a hairdryer to do anything like a blowout or straightening. As I am mostly a let-my-hair-do-its-own-thing kind of a girl, I very rarely do anything like that so this isn’t an issue for me. Tangle Teezer do produce a brush specifically made for blow styling, but I haven’t had the chance to buy one yet as I have’t been back to the UK in ages and it’s not currently available in Japan.

The brand do have one brush for thick and curly hair, but if you feel that you have hair that’s a bit difficult to handle, it might be worth checking out reviews for your specific hair type.


I think Tangle Teezers are not necessarily the kind of thing people buy for themselves, and so they would make adorable stocking fillers or an addition to a main gift.

The original brushes are available at Boots for GBP 10.99 and the compact stylers retail for GBP 12.49, although some special collaborations with other brands can push the price point up a little bit.

I definitely have at least one friend in mind who might be receiving one of these for Christmas this year! What better gift can I give her for 2017 but to get her “Yeah Hair”?

Have you tried the Tangle Teezer before? I’d love to know how you got on with it. Do let me know!

What types of brushes do you swear by to tame your luscious locks? I always want to know more about beauty, so don’t be shy and leave me a comment.

Have a beautiful day my darlings!


6 thoughts on “Tangle Teezer Love

  1. I love my tangle teaser i have no idea what i’d do without it now! …. Great post, i do agree with the bending of the brush it’s self though, that’s why i made sure i purchased one with a protective cover! X

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