L’Oreal True Red Color Riche Serum Lipstick – A Classic Red

My Pulling Lipstick

I fondly call L’Oreal’s True Red Serum Lipstick my pulling lipstick.


Simply because I get approached the most often by men when I am wearing this. Much, much more than a nude lip, or a bright pink lip, or a coral lip.

Some people rely on a lucky pair of pants to go out on the town in the hopes of a hook up or meeting someone special. I have my trusty True Red pulling lipstick.

Incidentally it’s also the one that gets me the most compliments from women.

I don’t know exactly what about it makes it attractive to others. Perhaps it just screams “Strumpet” or “Vintage Glamour” or “Burlesque Dancer.” How fun!

What I Love About It

I definitely do love this lipstick, and it is my absolute go to for events when you need to stand out.

I have had it for a couple of years now. I remember picking it up at a Boots branch in Heathrow, nearly missing my boarding call as I did so.

I can’t remember exactly how much it cost, but probably around 7 or 8 British Pounds – so very affordable and budget-friendly.

As it contains a serum, it is creamy and doesn’t dry out your lips, which I really like.

Tips for Wear

This bold, cool-toned red can slip around on the lips quite a bit due to the serum inside, so I always lay down a layer of red lip pencil underneath. Shiseido’s Integrate Gracy Red 333 to be precise. I think they work well together, complement each other in tone, and provide staying power.

The colour transfers to glasses or water bottles quite easily, and it will definitely wear off during a meal, so you will need to have the bullet with you to reapply throughout the night or the event.

I personally don’t mind this, since as a beauty junkie, I take inordinate amounts of pleasure in applying lipstick.

Red Lipstick in Japan

A bold red lip may be quite normal in the UK or the US, but here in Japan, to see someone (who is not a geisha) wear bright red lipstick is not common. Japanese lipsticks and glosses tend to be more sheer and shiny, even if they are red toned.

I read somewhere that deep reds are actually seen as traditional over here, because of the previously mentioned geisha connection. So that would explain why Japanese girls are currently favouring a more natural, modern look.

What are your go-to red lipsticks?

While L’Oreal’s True Red will always have a special place in my heart, I know that no two red lippies are created equal, and am always open to suggestions and recommendations.

Love you all so much, have a beautiful day wherever in the world you are.


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