The Rosie Project – Book Review

An Unconventional Love Story

Dear Book Junkies,

I picked up The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion on a whim and what a good one it turned out to be!

This book is such a sweet and unconventional love story that follows a 39 year-old autistic university professor’s search for love.

I found myself smiling pretty much throughout the story, and even did some public giggling as well.

I was rooting for the main character, Don Tillman, the entire way through. He actually doesn’t realise that he is autistic himself, and that makes his interactions more fun as he points out how ridiculous sometimes our own behaviour and societal interactions can actually be.

After a number of failed (but funny) romantic encounters, he designs a questionnaire that should weed out any unsuitable candidates.

But of course, along comes Rosie and all of his carefully laid plans go flying out the window.

I also found it gave insight into the way different minds work, and understanding others more can only be a good thing in my opinion.

At the end I found it to get a bit long, with some perhaps unnecessary drama, but it had a happy ending – something quite important to me in a fun, love story.

On the whole I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and recommend to anyone who fancies an unconventional but light-hearted read.

Happy reading!


If you would like to support this blog, please consider purchasing The Rosie Project with free shipping (affiliate link).

The Rosie Project Book

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