Knitters Gonna Knit

Discovering Charity Knitting

Knitting used to be as difficult a concept to handle, in my mind, as rocket science or how nuclear bombs work. I mean, have you ever tried following a knitting pattern? Those things look insane with all the abbreviations and symbols!

Plus, who on Earth decided that getting a bit of woollen string and tying it on a pointy stick and then going back and forth in certain patterns could make clothes? It’s positively mind-boggling!

Along with other crafty activities, knitting has really made a comeback of late.

Once I got started (thank you YouTube!) I found so many helpful blogs and videos that make this skill accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.

After mastering a few basic stitches, I really wanted to do a proper project.

I’m not one to knit for myself, so my very first one was a scarf for my little nephew as a Christmas present.

He’s three and a half so a) he wouldn’t even be able to tell if there were any mistakes in it and b) I could finish it quickly enough and not get fed up.

I looked around for a fool-proof pattern and I found my salvation in Mistake Rib Stitch, also called Cheater’s English Rib. It really is the most forgiving and easy pattern ever. I highly recommend it, especially if you’re like me and get distracted easily and forget what you’ve just done, or you’re still quite new and aren’t entirely sure how to count rows and things.

This was the video I followed. I have seen it done as a multiple of 4 plus 1 and also as a multiple of 4 plus 3.

When I was finished I finally felt that satisfaction of a completed project – it really is a feeling like no other.

And he loved it! I was so happy!

The Red Scarf Project

I took a little break after that, but quickly settled on my next project.

During my research on knitting blogs I found a hashtag widely used by knitters: #redscarfproject.

I was curious about it and did a little research.

As soon as I read about Foster Care to Success and the work they do, I knew I wanted to participate. (Learn  more about the programme.)

I’m now confident enough (at least with mistake rib) to try my hand at a full size scarf, and to know that my handmade scarf will help cheer someone up, put a smile on their face and keep them warm is such amazing motivation!

One of my intentions for 2016 was to give more love to others, and this is just perfect for that!

Knitting Supplies in Japan

I got my yarn at Yuzawaya in Shinjuku – if you buy a pack of 10 it works out cheaper. If you’re lucky and they have a “time sale” on when you go, you can get some great bargains.

I bought the Munsell Merino King 60 in 2006 27B and am knitting the scarf up on size 10 needles. This wool is really lovely and soft, and most importantly, not scratchy in the slightest. (Itchy wool is the absolute worst!)

As it’s the middle of summer, their yarn range is quite limited. In winter it’s really amazing; so much to choose from.

Once I’ve completed this project I’ll have a bit more experience and might be able to move on to learning new knitting techniques and maybe make a hat! How cute and fun would that be?!

Are you into knitting? Or maybe crochet? I’d love to know about how you got started and what kinds of projects you’ve completed. If you have any recommendations of videos to watch or patterns to try, do please let me know.

I really appreciate knitting for allowing me to give love to others in a unique way.

Happy Knitting!

Chuuu xoxo



Knitting like a boss on my lunch break. As you do.



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