Replacing a Favourite Mascara When You Move Countries

A Mascara That Works in Japan

We all know the struggle to find that perfect mascara is real.

Once we’ve found The One however, we think it’ll last forever.

But sometimes life happens, and the universe decides to throw a spanner in the works.

This all sounds very dramatic, but those special souls who love taking up the challenge of working in different countries sometimes find their favourite brands simply aren’t available or just don’t work in the new climate.

Over to my gorgeous friend Madame C for her thoughts on having to find her new Holy Grail mascara when she moved to Japan:

The Blinc Promise

When I first discovered blinc, I was amazed and loved it for its brand promise “unmatched hold + effortless removal” that proved to hold true. It was ever so easy to apply with added volume from ‘tubing’ it and found that the staying power was better than any others and yet, it was still easy to come off with just water when it was time. No more need for having a separate make up remover for the eyes!

Humidity in Japan Spells Disaster for Makeup

Then I came to Japan and found that in the up to 100% humidity the formula no longer held up. By the end of a work day, some mascara grains would have travelled to just under my eyes. Whilst far from panda eyes, I believe makeup should be low maintenance during the day. However, I still wanted something that was as easy to remove without irritating the eyes.

Tried and Tested – A Mascara with a Winning Formula

After some search and comparison between the top mascara best sellers, I found one that seemed like it could be a match: Flow Fushi’s Mote Mascara One Lift Up in brown. While it had come in 3rd place, the mascaras in no. 1 & 2, were not removable with just water and in addition, Mote Mascara had an added benefit of providing care for those lashes. I’ve tried it on two different occasions so far: once on a hot and humid day walking around for hours and then the following day at work. On both days the mascara stayed put. When it comes to effect, I found that with my naturally brown lashes, Mote Mascara added length while retaining a natural look. At 1,800 JPY + tax in most drugstores it’s also better priced than blinc at $30, which I haven’t found in any of the shops here.

To give one’s eyes that certain sparkle, there’s of course more than just selecting the right mascara.

Keep your eyes out for the upcoming article on eye and eyebrow beauty tools with a Japan focus to find out more!


Brand: Blinc


Country: US

Brand: Flow Fushi

Website: (Google Translate)

Country: Japan

Thank you Madame C – I certainly think I will be trying out several of the Mote Mascaras from now on! I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and the packaging is certainly pretty.

Hope you enjoyed this guest post, darlings!

Let me know which Japanese makeup brands you’ve tried and love as well.

If you are in Japan for work or on holiday, hit up a drugstore and get some makeup for your beauty loving friends and family back home. You will be loved!

Mwah xoxo


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