Soap & Glory Beauty Sleep Accelerator

Sleeping Your Way to More Beautiful Skin

This cream was a bit of a gamble for me and my sensitive skin. I was a little worried about it at first, not gonna lie.

Of course as with most new products I’m trying out, I tell myself they won’t go to waste if they’re not right for me, I’ll just give them to my mum. Lucky, isn’t she?!

I’m always all over Soap & Glory products because they’re, you know, awesome, and I really wanted to try this cream out.

Who on Earth wouldn’t want to try out a beauty product called Beauty Sleep Accelerator – Night & Flight Moisture Miracle?

The Packaging

As with all S&G products, the packaging is gorgeous and girly, in white and pink with a vintage pin-up model on the box.

The cream comes in a white plastic round pot. It’s super sturdy – built like a tank really – and great to travel with as it would survive being bashed about in either your carry-on or checked luggage. Being plastic, it’s not that heavy either, making it great for traveling.

The Product

Beauty Sleep Accelerator is proudly made in the UK, is formulated without parabens (yay more goodness!), is dermatologically tested, and is suitable for all skin types.

It contains “NIGHT BLOOMING CACTUS FLOWER, PEACH K, GOJUICE extract, OXYGINSENG & line-plumping HIGHDRATION-24H ceramide concentrate.”

Whew, it certainly sounds as though it packs a punch!

The 45ml pot of Beauty Sleep Accelerator retails for GBP 13.00 at Boots, though there are often great offers for Soap & Glory products, so you might be able to get it at a discounted price.

My Thoughts on Beauty Sleep Accelerator

The cream smells gorgeous – exactly like peaches! I personally love it, but those preferring unscented products may not.

I was a bit worried how my skin would handle it because of the fragrance, but it was perfectly fine. I had no issues with it, and it did not cause any irritation, redness or breakouts.

I’ve really enjoyed using this cream, and I’m glad that I have an extra one because I’m already running out!

The cream is quite thick (at least compared to my beloved Avène Skin Recovery Cream) but sinks in nicely, and works well as a night cream.

I would say that it is a bit too heavy for daytime use. Some people might find it too much for summer as well, but Japan’s summers are hot and humid, and I spend most of my days and nights in air conditioning, so this cream works for me.

Of course, everyone’s skin is different, so do be sure to do your research and see if you can try before you buy, or take a gamble like me and give it to someone else if it doesn’t work out.

I have loved Soap & Glory products, body scrubs especially, for a long time but this has really won me over and I would definitely like to try more of their skincare now (and their makeup, of course their makeup). I will go crazy the next time I’m in a Boots or Sephora for sure!

This cream would also make a great gift for someone who travels and who likes to have in-flight pampering sessions à la Lisa Eldridge. (Get your beauty junkie on in-flight with Lisa)

Are you a Soap & Glory fan? Do let me know what your favourite products are!

I’d also love to know what products you swear by for night time, to make you beautiful as you sleep and ensure you wake up looking gorgeous the next morning.

Happy August and have a beautiful day darlings, wherever you are!

Chuuu xoxo




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