Discovering Tarot

Spirituality and Well Being

I debated with myself long and hard before deciding to write this post, as I think it might be a controversial topic, and it’s not a subject I usually talk about on my blog, but it has really become a big part of my life now, so I feel like it deserves a mention.

Around my birthday last year I went through quite a traumatic experience. We don’t need to go into any detail at this time, but I will say that it felt like the emotional pain and anguish kind of broke me inside. I wasn’t really myself anymore. I was lost, and most definitely suffering.

As I was wondering how best to fix what was broken, I drifted towards tarot.

At the beginning it may have been a hobby born from grasping at straws, and seeking out something to give me a sense of direction, of understanding, of meaning, but it soon became much more than that.

Reasons to Love Tarot

First of all, and perhaps a huge first step in healing, I met some wonderful people though the group, and I now have a fabulous group of tarot girlfriends whom I meet regularly. We have a great time and we learn new things.

Each person has their speciality, whether that be tarot, reiki, healing, astrology, crystals, flower therapy, aromatherapy, or numerology – and it’s really beautiful to have such wonderful, strong female role models and friends around you. The value in that is more than I can say.

Second, was discovering just how much tarot for me is less about fortune telling and more about self-reflection and meditation, and really getting to grips with your intuition. That bit of quiet time is truly marvellous.

Each of those 78 cards, as I see it, is like a mini life lesson or advice that we need reminding of – well, I certainly do anyway. The value I find in it is something like counselling or guidance as the cards can help you identify and confront issues within. The major arcana cards especially can have deep lessons. Great for personal development!

Thirdly, the spirituality – or woo woo-ness as I like to call it for fun – has really made me a calmer and more accepting person in many ways. It has led me down a path of self-reflection, self-improvement and self-development that in the end has benefitted me enormously on a personal level.

I’m even grateful for that cataclysmic event, as I would not have tarot or such wonderful people in my life right now otherwise.

Of course, I’m still me – the core part of me is still the same. It’s just a me that takes time in the morning or evening to pull a card and see what insights can be gleaned for that day, and a me that gets together with my fellow tarot babes to keep learning how others interpret certain cards over coffee and some girly chatter.

I can’t imagine my life without it now, as my life is much richer with tarot in it.

Have you ever dabbled in tarot or wanted to? Or have you ever had a reading done? If not is that something that you are interested in trying one day? I would love to hear all about it.

I have a few decks, all of which I bought and one which was gifted to me – I will most likely review them at some point.

I am also always looking for willing victims to practice on so I can get better at this craft. If we meet, do please ask me for a reading – I would love to read for you over a nice cup of tea!

Chuuu xoxo



Adding some crystal power to the Queens – from left to right: Fluorite, Onyx, and Citrine.

Three of four Queens in the Shadowscapes deck by Stephanie Pui Mun Law – Queen of Swords, Queen of Pentacles, and Queen of Wands. These came out for me one evening, in that order, and I was struck by how beautifully they work together. My significator, the Queen of Cups, doesn’t work as well with them – she’s far too in her own world, in her own element, and dancing to the beat of her own drum. At least, that’s how I feel about the Queens in this deck.


Queen of Cups with Rose Quartz

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