Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

One Topcoat to Rule Them All

For some girls (like me) the nail game struggle is real.

I mean like this:

Image from:

Although honestly there isn’t much difference between the right and left hands on me, or feet either – I’m clearly bad at all fingers and toes.

Anyway, I get an A for effort.

I also was never much of a nail polish girl because a) I’m lazy, b) I hate waiting around for them to dry and c) I tend to do them before bed because, well, see b), and that means I always wake up with sheet marks or weird smudges.

One of my beautiful friends, a nail fiend with the best nails I’ve ever seen, introduced me to Seche Vite.

The Good

It really works.

Honestly it’s incredible! You paint it on and within a few minutes your nails are at that first stage of dryness. You still need to be careful not to knock them and get marks, but you have a better range of motion than when you use the regular stuff.

Your nails are so shiny! Like, these-nails-were-done-at-the-salon shiny. I have never seen anything like it before, and a friend was surprised I’d done my nails myself at home.

It makes the actual nail colour last much longer before any tip wear or chipping. I’m talking two weeks. At least, that is how long Rimmel’s Rose Libertine lasted with a base coat and Seche Vite on top. That is insane by any beauty standards.

This product is really amazing, but it is also a double-edged sword because much as I love it, it also has its cons.

The Bad

This is some expensive stuff.

Seche Vite retails for about GBP 9  for 14 ml in the UK in Boots. Ouch.

It says on the back of the bottle to use up within 36 months. Well, the formula got gloopy within 12 or 18 months. This seems to be a common and perfectly valid complaint. I mean, who spends 9 pounds on a top coat only for it to be all thick and viscous after just a year?

I know there is a special Seche thinner, but that is also expensive, and you’d only use a tiny bit of it at a time anyway, so it might be better to just buy a new one.

Plus I’ve only ever seen the top coat sold here in Japan and you aren’t allowed to send or receive nail polish by post so…

Also, if you don’t apply the top coat accurately and cover all the parts of the painted nail (I warned you I had no nail painting skills) it can leave obvious ridges and the top coat can sometimes recede from the edge of the nail as it dries.

Is Seche Vite For You?

If you are someone who does their nails really frequently, say twice a week or once a week without fail, then this could be for you as it saves a lot of faffing and flapping about.

If you have better skills than me and are a nail painting pro, then you won’t have to worry about ridges or bits you haven’t covered.

I am currently still using mine, although it’s as gloopy as… I don’t know, a troll’s bogeys, but that’s because I’m stubbornly trying to get my money’s worth.

Will I be repurchasing? I’m really not sure. If I were better at doing nails and was devoted to doing them regularly, once a week, then I probably would.

As it stands, more often than not I forget, or I frequently use Barry M’s foil effect formulas, which dry super fast and just do it for me.

So at the moment, while it is a hero product for me, I’ll be waiting a little while before I buy this baby again.

Are you a Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat fan?

I’d love to know if you are. And if you are not, I would love to hear how you get your nails to dry without ruining them.

Have the most beautiful day!

Chuuu xoxo

Buy Seche Vite (and possibly change your life, just sayin’). *This post is not sponsored – I purchased the product myself and all opinions are my own – but this is an affiliate link, which means I receive a small commission at no extra charge to you if you make a purchase through it.



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