Cure Natural Aqua Gel

Exfoliate Like a Boss

Today’s post will be bringing beauty addicts everywhere some more Japan beauty goodness.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel is a drugstore product that has topped the national cosmetic rankings consistently for the past ten years. If Amazon is to be believed, this product has cult status, with one bottle being sold every 12 seconds.

This amazing exfoliator is 90% water based, and removes dead skin cells like a pro without the use of abrasive exfoliating beads or anything like that.

It is also fragrance free, colour free, preservative free, and contains a blend of plant extracts. Any product that can claim that is totally good with me!

While being tough on dead skin cells that need to go, it is also gentle enough for a skin as sensitive as mine, which is amazing.

I’ve been using this twice a week (which is their recommended frequency) for the past three months or so and I am loving it.

It works just as well as the MICA Beauty Vita-C Exfoliating Peeling Gel but for a fraction of the price. It retails at around JPY 2,500 (about 16 British Pounds) for 250g of product at my local Matsumoto Kiyoshi. That is super budget-friendly, especially as one bottle will last you around 6 months even if you are naughty like me and use a pump and a half each time instead of the suggested one pump.

Just a side note here: the bottle recommends one pump for the face, but the English version of the website says 3 to 5 pumps – weird. Honestly, one pump and a half is plenty just for the face. I can’t even imagine two full pumps, let alone three or more!

How to Use Cure Natural Aqua Gel

I use it after washing my face. I pat my face dry and wait for a little bit, then I apply a pump and a half of the product all over my face and wait for a minute or so.

I find that if you try to exfoliate straight away not much gunk will be lifted off the skin, but if you wait a little it works better. It can be hard for impatient people like me though! Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Anyway, after waiting for a little bit (30 seconds to a minute or so should do it) you can go ahead and massage your face in circular motions and all the dead skin cells will magically come off. You don’t need to apply excessive pressure or rub hard. This part can be a bit graphic and shocking the first time you try it but after a while it becomes quite therapeutic, like, how much dead skin will come off this time?!

It’s seriously one of the most hassle-free skincare products out there. Using it is pretty much effortless, especially when compared to ghassoul clay, for example. (Don’t get me wrong, I still love that stuff, but it does take a bit of time to use it.)

When you’ve finished, just continue with the rest of your skincare routine, making sure to moisturise well after.

This Cure Natural Aqua Gel is definitely a hero product for me and I will repurchase it forever!

If you have used this product I’d love to hear your thoughts. Otherwise do tell me how you keep your face smooth and exfoliated, I would love to know!

Chuuu xoxo


4 thoughts on “Cure Natural Aqua Gel

    • Hi! Thanks for your comment! Comments make my day 🙂

      How sensitive is your skin?
      Mine is sensitive, acne-prone, and prone to redness (I can’t even use natural ingredients like lemon juice or cinnamon as it stings and makes my skin red), but it handles this exfoliating gel quite well.

      I wouldn’t recommend using it more than twice a week, and you can be very gentle with your fingertips to slough off the dead skin. The formula is supposed to be 90% water based, so maybe it would be ok?

      I stole a similar (but more expensive product – MICA Beauty Exfoliating Gel) from my mum to try out to see if this kind of product works for me, and it did.

      It’s also best to avoid using it directly on whiteheads as that can be very uncomfortable and painful – I learned that lesson the hard way, haha.

      It could be worth a try, and maybe if it doesn’t work out for you you can give it to a family member or a friend?

      Whenever I try something new I have the resolve that I will try it and if it breaks me out or is bad for me then I will give it to my mum. She gets a ton of products from me all the time hahaha.

      I hope that helped!

      Do you have any other questions? ❤

      • Lucky mum, I’m sure she’s got a nice collection going by now 🙂 My skin breaks out occasionally, maybe 2x/month, but is mainly just very red and reactive to products. I’ve been seeing lots of great reviews on this product, so I think I may risk it and give it a try to see what happens! I am currently just using the St. Ive’s Green Tea exfoliating cleanser a couple times a week, which I guess is doing the trick for now….

        Thanks for your help!! Much appreciated 🙂

      • I’m so jealous of her, honestly, I’ve only ever seen her have a pimple once in my entire life. She can put anything on her skin and it’ll be fine. Genetics doesn’t always work in your favour, boo 😦 Haha.

        I’ve never tried any St. Ives products. Hopefully one day 🙂

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