Ghassoul Clay

Ghassoul Clay Masks – A Natural Alternative

If Instagram is anything to go by, beauty regimens are getting increasingly sophisticated (although some might argue they are leaning towards the ridiculous).

Japanese and Korean beauty has long had far more steps than the old Western cleanse, tone and moisturise model. It seems that a skin revolution has happened, and more and more women all over the world are stepping up their skincare game.

My skin is never happy with me for long, and always celebrates with breakouts of varying degrees.


Part of my 2016 beauty resolutions around managing my skin include exfoliating my face more so dead skin cells don’t build up as much and cause spots. I am firmly convinced that contributes to my hormonal breakouts.

Obviously over-exfoliating is a big no-no, but my skin tends to be clearer when I do slough off the dead skin.

Just last month I decided I needed a clay mask in my life, something relatively natural and affordable, and a product that wouldn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

Google is an amazing tool and thanks to some excellent blog posts and articles I decided to go with Ghassoul Clay, which comes exclusively from beneath the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, where it has been used as a beauty product for skin and hair by the local women for centuries.

A Superhero Product

It contains trace minerals said to be excellent for the skin, and can improve skin texture, dryness, flakiness, firmness and clarity, as well as drawing out impurities from deep within the pores.

I’ll have some of that please! Oh yeah, baby!

I bought my 150 gram pack of ghassoul clay at my local Tokyu Hands store, on the beauty floor. It cost around JPY 800 or so if I remember correctly. Definitely less than JPY 1,000. I went with the smaller packet in case it didn’t work out for me or I didn’t like it, but I love love love it and will definitely buy the bigger bag when I finish my current one.

Using this Marvellous Clay

I use just under a tablespoon of clay power each time, and mix roughly an equivalent amount of water, mix it up, and spread it all over my face. Easy as pie, right?

I feel a little like an apothecary each time, trying to get the perfect balance or wet to dry ingredients. I’ve had it too dry and too wet at times, which makes it either hard to spread or at risk of running down your face and onto your clothes. Using it before hopping in the shower is the easiest and least messy time to use it.

The first time I used it I was worried about my skin reacting, so I just left it on for 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

Now I will happily leave it on for up to 20 or 25 minutes, although I do need to keep spritzing La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water on my face to stop it from drying and cracking.

Then I rinse it off with warm water – you can use circular motions and the mask will act like a gentle scrub. I follow up with my normal cleanser, as I’m worried about impurities sitting on my skin as I am prone to breakouts. If I weren’t so breakout-prone I’d use the mask as the last step probably and follow with lotion and moisturiser directly, simply because your skin feels so baby soft and smooth when you’ve just rinsed it off. It is a miraculous product indeed!


I’ve been using this mask about twice a week for the past few weeks, and will likely try to go up to three times a week as the hot, humid and unbearably sweaty Japanese summer approaches.

I am definitely happy with this ghassoul clay, and while I cannot claim that it has made my skin perfect with no blemishes at all, I do think it helps my skin to be clearer and have a nicer texture when I do use it. This looks set to be part of my skincare routine for a very long time to come!

The only downside to it is that I once had it on when an earthquake struck. Yeah, I was quite concerned about having to run outside with it on! Luckily all was well and no one had to be scared out of their minds seeing me like that!

Do you use clay masks? I’d love to hear your recommendations and experiences and how you keep blemishes at bay.

Hoping your day is bright and beautiful!

Chuuu xoxo

Ghassoul Clay

Ghassoul Clay















5 thoughts on “Ghassoul Clay

  1. I love clay too, discovered it recently! And you’re right, the mixing does feel like alchemy 😉
    Have you tried experimenting with adding things to it? Turmeric is awesome. A little cayenne gets the blood flowing. Rose water. Also, you might want to consider using a bit of apple cider vinegar besides water, the pH works out much better.

      • The cider vinegar is a great first thing to look into. The skin acid mantle is important.
        But beware of pure vinegar – my skin loves it with clay, but my mom has to do 2:1 vinegar to water. :))

      • Woah.

        So you do have to be careful.
        Note also that a too alkaline pH (mineral clay + water) can mess with the skin mantle as well as too acidic (clay + just vinegar). Sharing my experiences, because it’s truly very individual – I’ve worked out the pH (that works for her) for my mom, and 2 of my friends and me, and they’re all different! 🙂

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