The Body Shop – Italian Summer Fig

Hello dear readers, I hope you are having a marvellous and magical 2016 so far.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions? I’ve gone with intentions this year instead and feel so much better in general even when doing the small things.

I have a very quick and unseasonal review for the blog today, but I’d say smelling good is in all year round.

I love love love Diptyque’s Philosykos eau de toilette scent – it is just quite simply magnificent! What I don’t love however, is the price tag, and in Japan you can bet it’ll be even pricier.

When I spotted this Italian Summer Fig fragrance in The Body Shop over the summer I knew I had to sniff it, and once I got a whiff of it that was it for me, I had to own it.

To me it smells very similar to Philosykos, although I’m sure Diptyque’s version lasts longer on the skin.

I am so happy with my purchase though, and if it is still around and you love fig scents, I really can’t praise and recommend it enough!

I would love to hear about your signature scents and if you have any perfume recommendations!

Chuuu xoxo

2015-08-13 19.38.24

I love eating figs as well! I wish they weren’t so expensive here (sad face)

2015-08-13 19.38.37

It really is a glorious scent – one of the best things I bought in 2015.

2015-08-13 19.39.18





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