Dear Japan lovers,

Today’s post is for you.

If you love Japan or Japanese culture, I’m sure you have heard of Muji. You may even have frequented the store in London more than you’d like to admit – and I can’t blame you. The simplicity and no frills aspect of the products are wonderful. I even bought my beloved aroma diffuser there.

I had no idea though that they had Muji Cafes. I discovered this a few months ago thanks to a dear Japanese friend. We went to the one on Koto Dori, in Omotesando.

It is so lovely inside. It’s difficult to describe but it’s simple yet a bit chic, and makes you feel good and wholesome. You can buy different breads and sweet things from the bakery, but they also have a cafe area where you can choose from among a variety of delicious dishes. There is one that costs ¥850 and allows you to choose 3 dishes plus rice or bread, and one that costs ¥1,000 where you can select four.

The food is healthy, wholesome, delicious and organic I believe as well. Their chocolate cake is to die for, truly!

The staff have always been really lovely as well.

I can’t recommend this place enough! Affordable, healthy food is made easy by Muji!

If you’ve been to Muji Cafe before, I’d love to know what you think. Also, where are your favourite places to go and read or spend time catching up with the people you love?

Bye for now,

Chuuu xoxo

Muji Meal

My simple but totally delish dinner! Omnomnom.

Muji Cafe

The lighting is lovely and it’s a great place for studying, reading or catching up with friends.

Muji Cafe

This corner looks so cozy doesn’t it?

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