Pino Rouge Berry

These little mouthfuls of pleasure, dear readers, are something I have to share.

They are something a little bit different from my usual penchant for chocolate goodies, but in a very good way.

As far as I have seen, Pino has stuck to chocolates and caramels in its various iterations, so this really caught my eye.

The colour was gorgeous, and reminded me of British summer pudding (in spite of never having had it before! A shocker I know!)

And the ice cream itself tasted very much of cassis sorbet (you can see on the box that these contain more cassis than any other fruit) and summer.

You can also see how they’ve given it a classy edge by Frenchifying the name to Rouge Berry, which sounds rather a lot more elegant than Red Berry, although a rose by any other name and all that.

Refreshing and beautiful is my final answer!

Chuuu xoxo

Pino Rouge Berry Ice Cream Pino Rouge Berry Ice Cream Pino Rouge Berry Ice Cream Pino Rouge Berry Ice Cream Pino Rouge Berry Ice Cream

3 thoughts on “Pino Rouge Berry

  1. I don’t thing I’ve ever had British Summer pudding either! Now that I think of it. We’re missing a chunk of foodie culture : P

    These look awesome, although cassis sorbet? CASSIS? I can’t think of how that tastes… Yesterday I had BASIL sorbet – unrelated to cassis, but SO GOOD. And very confusing. It tastes like pesto, but also like a summer sorbet. It literally confuses your brain.

    Thanks for sharing these! I missed the foodporn.

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