Happy Turn – Rare Cheesecake

Hello Darlings,

I hope you’ve all been doing wonderfully.

It’s been rather cold and dreary today, and I’ve just started to binge-watch “How To Get Away With Murder.” I wasn’t hooked from the first episode, but I feel involved now, and will definitely keep watching to see how things pan out.

Prince William has been in Japan for the past few days and the Japanese media are loving every minute of it!

I thought I’d take a few minutes and present another interesting flavour of my beloved Happy Turn snacks – Rare Cheesecake flavour. The refreshing flavour of lemon will stand out, claims the limited edition packaging.

It was shiny and new, of course I tried it. Sadly, it wasn’t a winner for me. I have eaten, and loved, a number of weird flavours of food here, but this one just didn’t do it for me – I couldn’t get over the weirdness. I thought it would taste more like cheesecake than it did, perhaps. I ate it all though not to be wasteful, while regretting my choice and wishing I had just chosen the chocolate ones I love so much instead.

I had to post about it though, I mean, I didn’t put myself through that for nothing! Oh the trials and tribulations we go though to post about food πŸ˜‰

I hope you enjoy the pics at least, as they are happy and yellow and cheerful.

By the way have you used LINE before? The rest of the world seems to be about What’s App, but in Japan it’s all about LINE and I love it so much! I rarely use What’s App anymore and have been trying to convert just about everyone I know to LINE. It’s cute and the stickers, or stamps if you like, are so much fun! I really recommend it!

Have a beautiful week lovelies!

Chuuu xxx

Happy Turn Rare Cheesecake Happy Turn Rare Cheesecake Happy Turn Rare Cheesecake Happy Turn Rare Cheesecake

23 thoughts on “Happy Turn – Rare Cheesecake

  1. I don’t use the Line messenger but I used the phone costuming app they have, I love how you can turn every thumbnail of the apps on your phone into much cuter ones πŸ˜„ and BTW this snack sounds delicious xx

  2. Not a big fan of cheesecake so I wouldn’t even bother with buying that snack. As far as LINE, I was all about it in 2013 and desperately tried to get my friends to use it more but it was only temporary (this was before Facebook messenger added the sticker feature now, which was my main selling point for LINE).

  3. I can’t get what’s app for some reason and I was thinking of trying out line…Where you in my mind when you wrote this!!? 😜

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