Country Ma’am – Amaou

Today’s post is courtesy of my beautiful and brainy friend Vagabondine, who offered me this very cute packet of cookies when we went to see The World of Tim Burton exposition last week at Mori Tower.

This limited edition version from Fujiya is meant to taste like amaou strawberries, which are grown in Fukuoka in Kyushu. According to the packaging, the cookies have a deliciousness that adults will like.

Of course the cookies are pink and taste of strawberries, with the occasional chocolate chip showing up.

This time, for the first time ever, I tried warming them up in the microwave. Vagabondine promised they’d be yummy when warmed and mamma mia they were gorgeous! I don’t think I will ever eat them un-warmed again! They weren’t as mind blowing as fresh, just out of the oven homemade cookies, but my goodness they were a close second, especially when living in a country like Japan makes baking things like cakes and cookies such a hassle. The centres turned all gooey and yum, but I did burn my mouth because I’m gluttonous, so be careful!

That is the lesson of the day, people – always take 20 seconds out of your life and heat up your Country Ma’am!

Chuuu xoxo

Country Ma'am Amaou Country Ma'am Amaou Country Ma'am Amaou Country Ma'am Amaou Country Ma'am Amaou

7 thoughts on “Country Ma’am – Amaou

  1. Mmmm! looks yummy!! Warm cookies are a must! I remember the first time a friend told me to heat a cookie up and thought she was absolutely genius bc I never thought of doing that before!! hehe
    I saw your response about Christmas time in Japan, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing what it’s like where you are. ❤ For some reason I can't reply back to you on that thread (maybe it's my new theme?) but I wanted you to know that Christmas time and basically the holiday time there sounds so dreamy. I wish you the happiest holiday season and a sexy stranger to kiss. LOL ❤ =)

    • Happy New Year Christina 🙂
      Thank you for your Christmas wishes 😀
      It’s a little bit sad working when pretty much the rest of the world is on holiday ha ha.
      Winter is really gorgeous here with all the lights. Many of them are still up, but I feel like enjoying them in the run up to Christmas in December is simply the most magical time to enjoy them 😀
      I’m already looking forward to next Christmas, and with any luck, I won’t be working on that day!
      Mwah xxx

  2. What a clever idea, heating them up in the microwave!

    I can’t say I’ve ever tried strawberry cookies… Loving the photos : )

    Is there anything special about ‘amaou’ strawberries ? Very curious now.

    • It really makes a world of difference – no joke!!

      I’m not sure to be honest. They might just be very famous, perfect sweet strawberries from that region. Each Japanese prefecture is known for something, whether it be strawberries, or tangerines, or sweet potatoes, or mangoes, or peanuts and they are very good at marketing that.

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