Blind Date – A Tokyo First

It has taken me nearly a year to sit down and write this post. I can only hope it will be worth it to have waited so long.

Every now and then I go on a spurt of trying out new things. It is not something I do consistently or constantly, but there are occasions when I think, “I have to go out and do this, make the most of being young (relatively) and do things to make sure I don’t regret not having tried as many things as possible when I’m older.” Of all of the emotions a person can experience, I believe that regret is one of the worst – time is so very precious as once it is gone there is no getting it back. It is so final, and so very depressing if you think about it so we won’t.

This is what led me to being set up on my first blind date, ever. Even more nerve-wracking was that all of the messaging happened 100% in Japanese. It’s bad enough going on a blind date in your native language but in a fourth that you are far from mastering, well, that takes the cake.

My heart was pounding so hard I thought it would jump out of my chest – all I knew was his name, his age, and his profession. So many thoughts were going through my mind and my tummy was flopping all over the place. Butterflies didn’t have anything on me.

He was waiting for me at Sensoji in Asakusa, just outside the famous Kaminarimon gate, wearing a red kimono. I don’t know about you, but no one has ever dressed up in a gorgeous red kimono just for me before, and I thought it was pretty hot.

We traded pleasantries, as you do, and I was pleasantly surprised that he had actually bothered to make a reservation at an izakaya for dinner – very few guys I have dated in recent years have actually done this.

When we were walking along as well, he definitely went out of his way to make sure I wasn’t hindered by anyone, and that no one would jostle me or bump into me – again, a first. I was a little uncomfortable that his footwear was causing people to turn and look at us, but decided to enjoy the attention.

When I took my boots off at our destination he took care of putting them away for me, and very classily paid while I was in the ladies’ room. Of course, I would have been very happy to split the bill (I always am), but a man who pays on a first date really racks up the points. Perhaps I’m a bit old fashioned like that, but I do feel like it shows that he really wants to be there with you and is keen to make a good impression; certainly over one who grabs the bill and makes is clear that we’re going to split it from the start.

I had a really lovely time. I shan’t go into too much detail – kiss and tell is not my style, unless it was a horrendous affair. I felt that although my blind date was much younger and there were some awkward questions that should just never be asked on a first date and are even risky on subsequent ones, he treated me like a princess, was friendly, listened to me and asked me plenty of decent questions, and had clearly thought about the entire evening.

Up until that point, it was the best first date I had ever had in my life, and it is very hard to beat. It was a very long time until someone equalled it.

Who knew a date with a 21 year old sumo wrestler could be so dreamy?

I know I now do.

Chuuu xoxo

20 thoughts on “Blind Date – A Tokyo First

  1. A blind date! Omg that would make me so nervous! 😀 especially with a younger person, I avoid them as much as possible. Bhahaha 😀 What’s your status now?

  2. Oh my gosh!! That is so adorabubble!! YAY!

    I loved reading this and I’m glad you finally wrote it. What a dreamy first date indeed! 😀

  3. I really enjoyed reading this, thanks for posting it! I’m glad to hear that you had a great first date and he does seem like a considerate young man. I hope you saw more of each other?

  4. ” …no one has ever dressed up in a gorgeous red kimono just for me before, and I thought it was pretty hot.” YES!!! This is awesome! ❤ I'm so happy your first blind date has become your best blind date and that it went well. Thanks so much for sharing the details, Vanessa! Any second date in the future?? =) I also love it when a guy pays on the first date. I think in our society today it's not much of a rule, but shows a great gesture when a guy does pay for the bill without question.Also, I myself would get kinda upset if he didn't at least offer, ya know?! lol I like him! hehe

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