Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

These lip butters have been reviewed right, left, and centre by now, but can I just say, I love this!

Peach Parfait is such a gorgeous colour – peachy pink laced with gold shimmer and glitter – and it’s so beautifully creamy.

One blogger (I really cannot remember who) described it as Orgasm (as in the NARS shade) for your lips – and I have to agree with her.

It’s just a perfect colour for everyday wear. Recently, after putting on my foundation and using a bit of eyebrow pencil, I’ve just been curling my eyelashes, using either one of my MAQuillAGE blushers, and just using this on my lips and I’m set for a daily look that really takes little time and effort.

Because it’s so hot here in Tokyo right now, I just drink water all day long, so the lipstick just doesn’t last on the lips at all. It’s also pretty much always a little bit melty for the previously mentioned reason, and that’s in an air conditioned environment. If you had to spend any length of time outside, I’m sure it would just melty into a peachy pink sparkly puddle. But even if it wasn’t that hot, I’m sure you’d need to reapply fairly frequently. I don’t mind all that much because I just really enjoy putting on lipstick.

It has a lovely delicate scent as well, which makes it a pleasure to apply. I hate lipsticks that smell cheap and/or like chemicals.

One thing about it that might bother some people, aside from the fact that it needs to be reapplied often, is the price for the quantity of the product. I can only talk about Japanese yen because I don’t know the prices anywhere else, but the Lip Butters cost ¥1,500 for 2.55g, whereas the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains retail for ¥1,200 for 2.7g, they are definitely not as melty, and seem to just last forever.

My final verdict is that this is definitely a lipstick that I would repurchase when I run out, unless I’m tempted to try a different brand or different natural, everyday, or MLBB lipstick. There are just so many out there, how can a girl be expected to choose? Ridic.

Wishing each and every one of you wonderful people a most wonderful day! Love you lots!

Chuuu xoxo

Revlon Lip Butter Peach Parfait

Revlon Lip Butter Peach Parfait Revlon Lip Butter Peach Parfait Revlon Lip Butter Peach Parfait

Just get a load of all that gorgeous gold sparkle! Some people don’t like glitter – I am not one of those people.

Revlon Lip Butter Peach Parfait Revlon Lip Butter Peach Parfait

9 thoughts on “Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait

  1. Omg i love your blog Will you please look at mine you’re amazing!! You probably get loads of these messages but please look at it
    Oh maybe a few tips too? Cause i only just started.

  2. Peach Parfait looks yummy! I own Tutti Frutti which is their coral shade. I bought it simply because the packaging was attractive. Have you ever tried the Neutrogena tinted lip balm? I had one that I used everyday for months and then tragically lost it on a business trip :(. It smelled and looked like fresh petals. I didn’t buy it again because it was $9 for just lip balm!

      • I’m also obsessed with the Burt’s Bees tinted lip balms! I own 4! Yes, they are pricey between $7 – $8 a pop. However, around the holiday season, their website did a 50% clearance and I got 2 for only $7 and free shipping. Hibiscus is my fave. But truly, the Neutrogena one had a better oval shape and prettier smell. Ulta has it.

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