Frozen Yoghurt

Very quick post today as I am feeling very lazy and lethargic.

It’s just getting hotter and hotter since typhoon Neoguri made its way painfully slowly across Japan, and my determination not to use the air conditioning at home until August is waning with every passing day. So far I’ve been able to manage by just sitting with the fan on full blast while it is directed at my face, but it’s getting harder, in the day time at least.

So, I was in the supermarket the other day, and saw these very cute Frozen yoghurts! Meiji’s Bulgaria blueberry yoghurt has had a revamp – hilarious!

If I put them in the freezer I’ll end up with mini Frozen frozen yoghurts – how meta!

Frozen (Anna and the Snow Queen in Japanese) has been SO popular over here. It has been all over the world I suppose, but to the extent of having the characters adorning yoghurt pots, I’m not so sure. The last few times I’ve been out dancing (read clubbing in Dogenzaka) they’ve played remixed techno house type versions of “Let it go,” and everyone sings along. It is quite an experience!

I haven’t even seen the film yet, but I definitely want to. Maybe watching it will help me beat the summer heat.

I’d love to know how Frozen has affected your daily lives, and if you’ve seen the film whether you enjoyed it or not. (No spoilers please!)

Wishing you all the most wonderful week ever!

Chuuu xoxo


Frozen blueberry yoghurt from a Japanese supermarket

19 thoughts on “Frozen Yoghurt

  1. I don’t understand the Frozen hype. It’s along the same lines as Brave and that was Pixar’s worst. No imagination…just same old princess plots and evil things. I think I smiled weakly twice; no real jokes. There have been diseases cropping up of children avoiding going out b/c they WILL be bombarded with Frozen advertisements, lol. To get your own credible opinion on something this popular, watch it and try to block out all the box office sales numbers ;).
    I really hope your fro yo tastes better! It looks cute–what flavor?

    • Ha ha you’re the first person who’s been meh about Frozen 🙂 It’s good to get lots of opinions.
      I didn’t mind Brave too much. Family bonds really get me so I was crying a little by the end I think, ha ha. But then again anything sets me off these days 😉
      I’n sure I’ll enjoy Frozen, but if I decide it’s just the most awesome thing ever I’m sure I’ll come back to this and leave you a comment, ha ha.
      It’s blueberry 😀 Quite yum!

  2. As a joke I had to put up a “Let It Go” hadn’t been sung in x days sign because it’s everywhere.
    It’s never got off zero!

  3. So it actually is frozen yoghurt! Ha ha 😀 I hope you find a way to stay chill, we’ve had a good summer so far, there are super hot days but there are rainy ones to cool everything down too. I hope it does not get extremely hot, I don’t even have air conditioning in my house :-s

  4. It’s been super hot over here in the high desert!! Oh I wish I was at the club you where at just to experience the “Let It Go” remixes, hehehe.! I personally like “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” lyrics, lol. I managed to get to watch it and thought it was good. If you get to watch it, let me know if you liked it or not 🙂
    I hope you manage to stay cool!

  5. I have to confess right now, I am a huge Frozen fan. I took a bunch of teenage girls (who I teach, not just randomers I picked up on the street) for our Christmas outing to see it in the cinema. The year before we had been to see Tinkerbell: The Secret of the Wings so I wasn’t holding out much hope but all of us loved it. For me, it is a throwback to the golden days of Disney (by which I mean, Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Lion King – early 1990s) but with the modern techniques of cinema magic and more celeb voices. I also loved Tangled though I could see that it was just slightly missing the mark and I think Frozen passes it. I bought the DVD the week it came out and for the end of term, my girls and I watched it in our onesies, singing along dramatically to ‘Let It Go’. I am well and truly on this bandwagon. 🙂

    And yes, I want to build a snowman.

  6. I haven’t even seen this movie yet. But there seems to be a great hype around it. I haven’t seen anything in supermarkets with the characters from Frozen on them, but the game Angry Birds is still a big thing here and printed on almost EVERYTHING. Funny is that I haven’t even played this game. xD Have you?

  7. These are the best meta yoghurts ever, IF you freeze them. : )

    I actually saw Frozen closeish to when it was released and enjoyed it, but no fireworks. I mean, Olaf is cute (you’ll see.) and that’s pretty much it. It’s a fun movie if you like Disney, but for me, Brave and Tangled were MUCH better.
    A while after I watched it I became aware of the hype around it and I was so confused I actually had to REWATCH it because I thought I watched the wrong movie – what’s so INCREDIBLE about this one… ; )

    Clubbing. To. Let It Go. WANT. TOKYO ❤

    • OMG you’re the only other person who (like me) has said they enjoyed Brave! Whoooo 😀

      I wish I could freeze them. My fridge is one of those ridonculous mini ones, and the freezer is behind a tiny little flap and actually opens into the fridge in the back. So silly. Anyway, it gets so much frost buildup that I can rarely use it. I can’t defrost now, I don’t think. It’s so hot that I’m afraid everything else will go bad 😥
      Okay rant over, ha ha 😀

      Thanks for commenting 😀

      • Of course I did! How could I not, the music, the landscape, the bouncy hair and bear cubs?! The story was very old school Disney and I liked it for it!

        Haha, I loved reading this rant : D

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