An Obsession with Scandal

Those of you who have been frequenting my blog for a little while may know by now my proclivities towards binge watching TV shows – I get hooked, sucked in, and I can’t stop until I’ve watched all of the episodes that are out there.

My current obsession is Olivia Pope and Scandal”. She is determined, intelligent, fierce, and I can’t get enough of how pretty and polished she always looks, her clothes, her accessories, and her confidence in her professional abilities. She has no qualms in telling people she’s the best – and she is. She owns it. I consider her to be a great inspiration for professional women out there; she certainly is to me. Kerry Washington truly does an amazing job in a strong female lead.

Aside from my love for her, the characters are complex, and have back stories that are revealed little by little. When I watched the episode of Huck’s backstory in season 3, I was sobbing so hard (howling, practically) that I’m sure my neighbours must have thought there was something seriously wrong with me. At the end of every single episode you are left with one burning question – What just happened?”, immediately followed by “What’s going to happen next?” It’s fabulous! I quite love that feeling of being kept on tenterhooks in a way. Instant gratification is overrated. 

Season 1 was all right, but it was season 2 that really got me hooked, and I can’t wait for season 4. I never know how I feel about the characters; my emotions are constantly in flux. When a character I was rooting for killed a character who had become one of my favourites, I knew this wasn’t your regular TV show. If you like drama and a fast pace, this is for you. If violence and torture aren’t your scene, stay away – Scandal isn’t a barrel of laughs.

Much as I love Olivia Pope, however, here is one thing that bothers me about her. She is such an amazing, strong, character, but every time she is confronted with her complicated relationships in her affairs of the heart, she falls to pieces – every, single, time. No character is flawless, of course – everyone has weaknesses – but the was she constantly falls apart over a man is very annoying to me. And she never really learns from what happens in her life. It’s true that some people never learn in real life too (including moi) so perhaps it’s real in that sense, but it irritates me no end.

Her love life choices aside, I love her to bits and I am trying hard to channel even just a little bit of Olivia Popeness into my life. It seems many other girls are too, judging by a simple Google search. Her work wardrobe shows that she means business, and I adore it! The climate (it always seems to be cold, perpetual winter perhaps?) and her pay-check allow her to always look chic and flawless, but a girl can (and should) dream.

I’ve even recently been dropping her catchphrase whenever appropriate – “Consider it handled.”

Are you a fan of the show? I’d love to hear your thoughts about it!

Chuuu xoxo


Olivia Pope Scandal

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18 thoughts on “An Obsession with Scandal

    • I just watched the season 5 finale yesterday! I just thought “Ermahgerd!”
      I can’t wait to see how all of the characters develop in season 6, especially my favourite women, Alicia and Diane 🙂 And of course, Eli – I love him to bits, really 😀 And I love any episode featuring Louis Canning – he’s a great character and always makes me giggle with his OTTness xx

  1. Oh no don’t tell me!

    I’m THE SAME with binge watching shows and I cannot get obsessed about another one. Currently I’m on a lovely binge with Suits. I sleep 2 hrs, go to work for 10 and it’s awesome. So addictive.

      • Oh, I burned though Modern Family – that was a really good binge, ah the memories… ; ) Seriously, recommend that wholeheartedly.

        Vampire Diaries? It was my 2nd show (after Arrow) that I stopped watching, fought my OCD over and am still not watching – it just. got. boring. But the first seasons are fun. Meh. Not really worth a good ol binge in my opinion. : )

        Oh my god, I know! And I hate both him and you – I need to start watching again! Argh. And you know me, I can’t just watch the episodes with him. I need to start where I left of. Oh, the torture. But I HAVE TO : P

      • Yay, once you start, let me know how you’re liking it! : ) For me, it’s one of the VERY FEW laugh out loud shows. Actually, one of two.

        Oh, don’t even.

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