Tirol Chocolates

These popular chocolates are available from convenience stores, supermarkets, and 100 yen shops alike, often have seasonal and limited edition releases, and can be bought singly (from convenience stores only) and in packets or boxes elsewhere.

Like famous Japanese Kit-Kats, there are so many varieties of these chocolates. They’re cheap and cheerful, and nice when you feel like a small piece of chocolate rather than a bar.

I personally prefer the ones with a squidgy centre. Loving anything and everything mikan (tangerine/mandarine orange) flavoured, and seeing how cute the packaging was on top of that, I just could not resist. The mikan, kotatsu, and snow, of course mean it is a seasonal winter edition.

Cute and yummy, just how I like it.

Have a beautiful weekend full of beautiful moments, bunnies!

Chuuu xoxo


Tirol chocolate DSC_2887


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