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I didn’t quite know what to do with myself after finishing my beloved LUSH lip scrub. Once you’ve gotten into the habit of using a gorgeous smelling product to exfoliate your dry lips it’s rather hard to go back to the simple toothbrush. They only have two flavours of lip scrub at LUSH Japan, and I don’t particularly like either of them, so when I saw this while I was wondering around a beauty shop, and discovered how divine it smelled, I thought I’d give it a whirl.

The thing I like most about it is its smell. See that piece of cake on the top right of the packaging? That’s right – this baby is strawberry shortcake scented. It smells good enough to eat, but luckily tastes so horrid there’s really no chance. I also like that it comes in a tube – no need for fingers in pots and all that jazz. But sadly, that is the extent of nice things I can say about it.

I really wanted to like it. I really did. But there was just too much that put me off for me to ever buy it again. The thing I hate the most about it is that it’s gloopy. Really, really gloopy. There is more goop than exfoliating scrub. So while my lips feel baby soft, all of the dead skin cells are still there underneath. It’s also super sticky. If you put a finger in it, good luck getting it clean – even after scrubbing with soap and water. And the taste, oh the taste – one of the foulest things I’ve ever had the misfortune of getting in my mouth.

So cute and convenient packaging and great scent aside, this really was a no go. I will keep using it until I finish it up, simply because I’m cheap like that, but I have another one in my beauty drawer just waiting to be experimented with.

Until then, my darlings, I wish you all a beautiful week.

Chuuu xoxo


Japanese lip scrub DSC_2873 DSC_2874

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