Little Kuma Land

Just look at these cuties. Aren’t they irresistible? I’m sure you can understand why I absolutely had to try them – well, I was also famished, but I did choose these mainly because they were just so adorable. I was a little surprised that they were shaped a bit like an ice lolly, except that they were made from biscuits and chocolate, but I felt it was a cute touch. Each little bear (kuma is the Japanese word for bear) even had a different cheeky expression on its sweet little face.

They ended up being the perfect solution to exam stress. Students always think they have it bad during exams, but teachers have it just as tough, if not tougher. But after demolishing the bag of  bear biscuits, I was ready to tackle the next round of comments.

Hope your week started marvellously, lovelies! Enjoy!

Chuuu xoxo


プチクマランド Little Kuma Land DSC_2655

16 thoughts on “Little Kuma Land

  1. Adorrrable!

    We had Israel flags on sticks two weeks ago, and we often have masks and clowns and faces on sticks – still, biscuits in form of lollipops, looks odd to me ; )

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