LOTTE Choco Pie – Sachertorte

I just wanted to share this gorgeous new LOTTE Choco Pie flavour with you. I’m not a huge fan of the original version and you can call me a masochist if you like, but I always feel like I have to try the new ones as soon as I see them on the shelves. And this one was a risk well taken. Inspired by Austrian Sachertorte from the cafés of Vienna, this is just beautiful – a valiant and successful attempt at a fusion of east and west. This ranks quite highly as one of my favourite LOTTE snacks, along with Crunky and Yukimi Daifuku. Nom nom nom.

TGIF darlings!

Chuuu xoxo


LOTTE Choco Pie DSC_2889 DSC_2890

17 thoughts on “LOTTE Choco Pie – Sachertorte

  1. It looks like one of those Hostess or Little Debie chocolate pies they sell here in America. Not that I like them (too sweet for my taste) but my one regret during my Japan visit is not searching for tasty treats like that. Maybe next time 😉

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