Afriqan Apeiron A/W 14/15

On Saturday, March 22nd, I headed out for my last show of the season. I was extremely lucky to get a seat, and one in the front row at that. Awesome! The guy sat next to me was pretty cool. He would just observe the models, and when he saw an outfit he liked the look of, he just brandished his iPhone with a flourish, and snapped a photo. He definitely seemed like a fashion week regular.

Afriqan Apeiron is a fairly new brand in fashion terms, having been launched in 2012 by British designer Crystabel Getty. I loved the African print fabrics she used, and would definitely have worn some of the pieces in the collection myself. A word that I would associate with the collection is “womanly.” More than feminine or girly, it felt like an ode to women – at least to me. This probably stems from the shapes and the shoes. One model did have a bit of an awkward walk, but when I looked at the shoes she was wearing, it was no wonder! I’d have been screaming bloody murder if I had been the one wearing them. She did well to make it down the catwalk and back.

The music was fabulous, and I loved how the models made a point of properly stopping three times during their trip down the runway. And they gave me chocolate, what more can I say. I can say nothing bad about people who give me chocolate.

For the official photos, please click here.

Whew, and that was the last post from Tokyo Fashion Week for Autumn-Winter 2014-2015. I hope all you lovely readers are having a fantastic day.

Chuuu xoxo


Afriqan Apeiron DSC_2830 DSC_2833 DSC_2841 DSC_2843 DSC_2849 DSC_2852 DSC_2858 DSC_2861




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