Nozomi Ishiguro Autumn/Winter 14/15

Tokyo Fashion Week is now in full swing, and I was lucky enough to score an invite to Nozomi Ishiguro’s A/W 14/15 show on Saturday, March 15th.

The show was held at Laforet in Harajuku, a shopping mall all Harajuku girls frequent. The show was due to start at 9pm, and the queue was massive, even for those of us with invites – in my experience the journos and bloggers end up waiting for absolutely ages.

We were finally ushered into a dark room and all huddled in front of a stage, where we waited for twenty more minutes before the show started. I always wonder how they manage to be just about twenty minutes late.

Then the lights came on and the musicians entered. Oh no, Mr Ishiguro wasn’t satisfied with just a catwalk show, he needed to turn it into a live gig as well. When they started up, it was positively deafening. There were three dudes on a drum kit each – THREE! And the room wasn’t even that big. One drummer would definitely have sufficed; it was a tiny hall, not exactly Tokyo Dome. I’m absolutely certain there were more musicians than models, even. I was rather hard of hearing for quite some time after that.

But on to the show. Coral featured prominently, as well as intense berry lips, smeared on one side. I kind of liked it actually, and secretly hope it might take off, then we wouldn’t have to worry about finding mirrors or a corner to reapply bright lippy, we could just put it on any which way and be done with it.

The models strutted their stuff excellently, but the stage just got more and more insane. Dancer after dancer came onstage to join the conductor in the middle of the stage. One of the dancers had a really massive pair of bananas! Positively enormous! And no, I don’t mean that as a euphemism for boobs or anything, I mean actual, giant plastic bananas. It was Bedlam, well and truly (in my opinion, anyway, and what do I know anyway?) I didn’t enjoy it at all, and I could’t wait to get out of there. Perhaps it was tiredness, as I had come from a long day at work, but I just couldn’t appreciate either the cacophony or the chaos. But everyone else did, judging from the applause of the adoring audience at the end. For my part, I thought he was trying to do too much. I am very happy I went though! I feel so privileged to have had this chance. Thank you Nozomi Ishiguro PR peeps, whoever you are!

Hope you’re all well, darlings.

Chuuu xoxo

P.S. – I am so sorry for the appalling quality of the photos. My phone camera is not great, so the lighting did not help, and I was running out of memory card space, so I couldn’t take many at all. No photos of the madness at the end either.

One of the models, with some of the multitudinous musicians in the back.

Nozomi Ishiguro A/W 14/15 3

There’s the girl brandishing her bananas in the bottom right corner. Aren’t they enormous?

Nozomi Ishiguro A/W 14/15 4

This guy had a solo part at the very start of the show.

Nozomi Ishiguro A/W 14/15 2

The guy in the top hat is presumably the conductor.Nozomi Ishiguro A/W 14/15 1

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