Search Engine Strangeness

This is not a tag for the faint of heart. All right, that was a little melodramatic, but I bet you loved it!

I was recently tagged by the lovely Ginger over at Ginger Loves Makeup and I have to say, I had a blast reading her answers, and also taking a closer look at my own stats, something which I don’t always delve into.

Most of the search engine queries ended up being logged as Unknown Search Terms, which is a real shame. I feel like I’ve been cheated out a lot of weirdness that was due to me, but I’m fairly happy about the ones that were tracked. Now, without further ado I shall share my favourites in no particular order. They are all wonderful and special in their own way.

1. “www,boysgoingboobs,com”

I’m not sure I want to know. I’m sorely tempted to replace the commas with full stops and see exactly what kind of website I end up on (I mean, I can guess, and so can you, but I love getting to the bottom of things! Don’t you?), but I think remaining in blissful ignorance might be the better option for this one.

2. “tokyo tree tower is ugly”

So this person is referring to the Tokyo Sky Tree, which opened in 2012 and is the tallest building and newest attraction in Tokyo. I personally think it is not very aesthetically blessed in the day time (it looks very futuristic, and reminds me of a space station) but at night when it is all lit up, it looks quite nice, and even has a light spinning round at the top, not unlike a lighthouse. The shopping mall area at the foot of the tower is really lovely, and I enjoyed browsing all the shops there. It’s very popular and if you are in Tokyo and around the Asakusa area anyway, you might as well stop by.

3. “looking glass self”

A complete mystery.

4. “magic ice cream purple asian”

Beautifully weird. I can get that perhaps in Asia ice cream is all sorts of wonderful colours, but magic? What is going on there?

5. “cinderella and the rabbit”

Hilarious! This sounds like a fairy tale about a sex toy to me.

6. “enough anything”

An existential crisis perhaps?

7. “rabbit and looking glass self”

Like number 3, I have no idea. Could this be the same person?

8. “needs satisfied with saku saku panda”

I’m not entirely sure what kind of needs this person was referring to, but hey, Saku Saku Panda can do it all.

9. “www.fuck tokyo”

Presumably if you removed the spaces you’d end up on a website. I do not intend to try.

10. “tokyo fuck buddy”

I did write a blog post about this kind of proposition so it’s understandable that this person ended up on my blog, but I’m not sure whether I should be concerned or not that there is someone out there actually looking for one!

Bonus: “perfecting patience (the blow hole boys)”

This sounds like a song title followed by the name of a boyband! I’m scared to Google it.

Well, wasn’t that exciting? Here’s hoping 2014 brings me more wonderful weirdness, courtesy of Google. I’d love to hear your thoughts about it all, and if you have any of your own funny stories to share, I’d really love to hear them.

I hope you are all in the middle of a beautiful weekend, lovelies! Much love to you all.

Chuuu xoxo

15 thoughts on “Search Engine Strangeness

  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA oh my goodness I laughed so hard ahahaha. You must have had fun too when first seeing them. I don’t get stuff like this 😦 nothing to laugh about 😦 only one time in a whole year I got “men wearing pantyhose” or something like that but that’s all 😀

  2. I have a post just like this in my drafts! I was waiting until I got a few more interesting search terms to finish it. Like you, there have been some strange search terms that have led to my site. Because my website’s name has “hub” in it, SO many come from people searching for pornhub and Japanese women. I don’t consider myself a prude but boy, people can sure be graphic and specific in their searches lol!

  3. Loving the melodramatic intro : P
    Haha, oh lol, I so adore this post, laughing all the way!!
    I’d never guess you’d have so many sexual and sexually perverted hits : ))) So funny though : D
    I was tagged in this too, by Ginger, but my baby blog doesn’t have enough hilarious search terms in its archives I don’t think. : )
    Ginger’s are hilarious, too.
    Haha, aw, I really like this.
    Oddly, my fav is the least perv one, 'enough anything' – couldn't be more perfect.
    Take care, hon!

  4. Oh my! Those are such funny search words and phrases!! =) I know there is Purple ice cream and treats made by Ube in the Philippines, maybe that’s what they were searching for? Everything else sounded like porn or something naughty! LOL! Thanks for sharing! Maybe I’ll have to do a post like this! Very funny! =)

  5. ahaha:D i was laughing!!! “enough anything” -so depressive:) Others are so funny! I had no funny serach terms.. I think my blog is too strict and boring 😀

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