I just wanted to share these adorable and delicious chocolicious little biscuits with you. I’m in the middle of a trip right now, and in the middle of running round and visiting things, I needed something, anything, just to refuel a bit and to stop my blood sugar going crazy and turning me into a grumpy, horrible ogre. You really do not want to come near me when that happens. I was getting desperate when I happened upon a convenience store – so convenient, naturally. I browsed a little and then went for these.

The packaging is bright, yellow, fun, and manga stylee – absolutely my cup of tea! I’m not entirely sure what the shape of them is supposed to be… Fish? Jellyfish? Whatever they are, I love that they’re going on safari. Look! The one on the left has a safari hat and a telescope! Hilarious! And another one is going butterfly catching with his (yes, I’ve decided they are boys) net. The one in the middle, whatever it is, is the “lucky” one. I have no idea whether I got it or not because I scoffed them all in the blink of an eye.

These are basic cookies with a thin shell encasing chocolate cream – simple but scrumptious.

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. I bet many of you were making a mad dash for Christmas presents!

Take care, darlings, and have a wonderful Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

Chû xoxo





DSC_1948 DSC_1949


16 thoughts on “Pucca

  1. I love these!! They are so delicious but I always eat them too quickly. I feel these usually are the shape of fish but this new design has added a jelly fish I suppose 😀 Merry Christmas~

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