Häagen-Dazs’ Endless Winter Goodness – Forêt Noire

I don’t have much to say about this “Special Edition” ice cream except that it absolutely IS as amazing as it sounds. From the gorgeous swirly ganache hearts, to the gorgeous cherry and chocolate ice cream layers complete with cherries and syrup AND bits of cake in the bottom layer, this is exactly what a Black Forest gâteau would taste like if it were ice cream instead of cake. Every bite was a mouthgasm. This is food porn at its supreme best. And look at the packaging – it even has hologram snowflakes on it! It’s very hard to beat that, don’t you think?

I really wish I could put ice cream in a giveaway for you, but sadly it will remain impossible until someone invents teleportation.

So instead, these mouthwatering photos will have to do – you might want to have a tissue handy to mop up any drool!

Love and kisses from Japan!

Chû xxx








12 thoughts on “Häagen-Dazs’ Endless Winter Goodness – Forêt Noire

  1. I love how serious Japan is about its ice cream. Looks amazing!

    I too look forward to the invention of teleportation / being able to transmit physical objects through the internet.

  2. I saw the pic in my reader and went: Foret Noire?! Are we talking black forrest?! Oh gee, let it be a Japanese Black Forest limited ice cream thing!
    And of course, you do not disappoint.

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