Falsies the Japanese Way

Nobody does false eyelashes quite like the Japanese.

It wasn’t until I moved here that I really noticed girls wearing them. It’s like every other girl does! I once even saw a junior high school student applying individual lashes with tweezers while on the subway in Nagoya! Now those are some mad skills if you ask me.

I’ll often be on the train and think, “Oh, her lashes are so perfect and gorgeous! Why don’t mine look like that?!” For the longest time, the very notion of them possibly being false didn’t even hit me (call me naive if you will). It was only after starting to get into beauty that I started to be able to tell. Sometimes it can be really obvious, especially if they’re really insanely long or full, but usually you’d really need to look closely.

Those who can afford it tend to go for eyelash extensions, I know one of my co-workers does. I complimented her on her eyelashes and she told me they were extensions. They last longer, three weeks or so, but you do have to make regular salon visits to keep them looking nice. They can end up looking a bit ratty as they near the end of their wear time, I think.

For those who either can’t afford it or who can’t be bothered, falsies are the way to go. And they are everywhere! From 100 yen shops like Daiso to novelty shops like Donki (Don Quixote) to drugstores, you can get your hands on an array of eyelashes. I’ve seen so many wonderful brands, such as Romantic Minnie (featuring Minnie Mouse), Hello Kitty lashes, Princess Eyes (featuring the Disney Princesses), Brigitte (a makeup line fronted by mixed race Japanese fashion model and TV personality, Rola – she’s so pretty and funny, if sometimes a little annoying), Dolly Wink (endorsed by Japanese gyaru model, Tsubasa Masuwaka), let’s not forget Shu Uemura, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

If you are new to eyelashes, and want to try them out but don’t want to fork out a lot because they might not be for you, I recommend just buying a pair from a 100 yen shop, or Donki. I first bought mine at the Donki branch in Shinjuku – they have a great selection, and one pair cost me 95 yen. Affordable or what? I tried them out and loved them once I got used to them – although they were a bit fiddly, and they did sometimes poke me in the eye, and they felt so weird and made my eyelids heavy. I haven’t really made them sound very good there, have I? But honestly, they change your eyes, your face, and your look so much and add an instant glamorous touch to any makeup look. I don’t use them often, but do get them out for special occasions.

What are your thoughts on false eyelashes? Let me know if you love them or hate them, would like to try them, or have no intention of ever putting these near your eyes – I love to read your comments!

Chuuu xoxo

A view of the eyelash selection at Don Quixote.


Popular eyelash glue – it has been ranked #1 by readers of Japanese beauty website Cosme.




I picked this up from the drugstore for about 300 yen, if I remember correctly. I wanted something super cheap for my first time, just in case falsies weren’t for me.


My personal selection of lashes, all from 100 yen shops except the Rosy Rosa ones, bought at the drugstore.


25 thoughts on “Falsies the Japanese Way

  1. I would LOVE to have naturally long, thick eyelashes. Sadly, mine are short but I use Benefit’s They’re Real mascara and it does the trick. I’ve only worn fake eyelashes when I had someone apply them for me, like at the MAC counter when I got my makeup done for prom! LOL. That was a long time ago, however I did apply them once about 5 years ago when I wanted a glam look.

    I remember it was okay to put them on, but one eye always went straight instead of curved along my natural eye shape. Weird. I think since my eyelid disappears it makes the eyelash glue come undone. Maybe if I cut them beforehand? I wouldn’t mind trying fake eyelashes again for the next time I’m feeling glam. I do agree that they feel really odd on your eyes!! hehe.

    A girl was on the train applying them with tweezers?? Sheesh! She has major skills!! =)

    I hope you have a great day!! ❤

    • Thank you! You too! Thanks for commenting by the way 🙂 I seriously love it when people comment on my posts 😀

      False eyelashes are tricky to get a hang of, I agree. I used to get them poking into the inner corner of my eye, but then the glue would have dried and there was no going back and I had to deal with it for the entire length of the event, ha ha. The glue I got, the Shiseido one, never came unstuck until the next morning, so it lasted the whole night, and my eyes are super hooded.

      I was so amazed when I saw her; I could not stop staring 🙂

      • =) Aw, no problem! I love it when you comment on my blog, too!!

        That’s exactly what happens to my lashes too whenever I wear falsies…you totally described it perfectly! I think that I need to get a really good glue like Shisiedo, and not the glue that comes stock with the lashes. That will help them stay better I bet!

        Do you remember the baby dolls when we were younger that had eyelids that opened up and closed, with long, eyelashes on them? That’s how I feel when I’m wearing fake eyelashes…like a doll! hehe.

  2. Aaah wow! Those displays have so many different types of eyelashes :). How did you choose?

    I’d love to try false eyelashes but I’m so clumsy I’m scared to try! I’d love to have the skills of the girl you saw on the subway.

    • I had to use falsies in college, I was rushing and had lotion on my hand while curling my lashes, it slipped and ripped half the lashes out of one eye, luckily my roommate had great skills , ran out, bought strip lashes , got them on me, ended up creating a double lid on my monolid, now, i’ m old, had a stroke, lost use of one hand, can’t get glue on or magnetic lashes on with one hand, so frustrating. Also in college, tried the buds, but waking up with little spider clumps in bed was scary, not good for dating days.

      • Thank you so much for commenting, Tina. Ouch losing your eyelashes like that must have hurt! I think the Japanese mascaras are a great alternative instead of falsies and may work better for you now! My Holy Grail mascara is the Fairy Drops mascara, but the Mote Mascara works really well too! They just slide off with warm water too, which is a great perk.

  3. Cool post!

    False eyelashes are fun 😀

    I’ve only ever done ‘Halloween fun’ long eyelashes. The lashes definitely made me more aware of my eye movements. When I blinked the lashes lightly dusted the tops of my cheeks. It was like little feather kisses! It was neat to be a living doll for a night 🙂

  4. I’ve actually never tried fake lashes. I’ve wanted to and I’ve watched endless tutorials on how to apply them, but I still haven’t tried them yet! Maybe I’ll head to a MAC counter one day and get it done!😉

  5. I have never tried false lashes – it just seems like such a bad idea for me to attempt to put glue on my eyes… They look so cute, though! 🙂 Love those photos of the massive selection!

  6. I’ve never worn falsies!
    And you’re not naive, to this day, it NEVER occurs to me when I see somebody with lush lashes that they’re false – and they are, often, since people are using them more and more for everyday looks. But I honestly always assume they’re natural, and feel bad about mine ; )

  7. I’m always buying falsies! it’s the best make up product after eyeliner and blush! hahahaha

    I hace tried as many brands as I can, I love Eyemazing, Dolly Wink, Diamond Lash, Decorative Eyelashes, I have a huge collection! My first stop at donki are always the lashes shelves!!! I’m crazy about them. I started using Daiso eyelashesm some of them are gorgeus, and now I’m unstoppable!

    I love this post!

    • Hi! Thanks for commenting 🙂 Diamond Lash are popular and affordable. D.UP do lashes as well as mascara, and these are lovely and natural looking. Some models like Jun Komori and Tsubasa Masuwaka have produced popular eyelashes too, Eyemazing and Dolly Wink respectively.
      For a lovely lash look with just mascara, my Holy Grail mascara is Fairy Drops. Nothing compares to it in my opinion. I am currently using the pink tube of Mote Mascara, and the lashes are lovely and elongated, but really, hands down, Fairy Drops is the best mascara I’ve ever used – ever. I just wish it was more easily accessible. Hope this helps! Let me know how you get on 🙂
      And I am so sorry for replying so late – I don’t get many comments and have neglected this blog lately. I hope you’ll forgive me 🙂

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