MAQuillAGE by Shiseido – blusher

MAQuillAGE is a popular brand by Shiseido that is available in drugstores here in Japan, and is more affordable than the products sold at counters in department stores, but pricier than the Majolica Majorca range, which is a super cute makeup range I would say is aimed at teenagers and women in their early twenties. I would hazard a guess that MAQuillAGE is aimed at women in their mid-twenties to their early or mid-thirties. Perhaps after that one would start purchasing from the department store counters.

The spokesmodels for this brand are always some of the most beautiful women in Japan. The current brand ambassador is Emi Takei, a young actress from Nagoya. She looks so sweet and beautiful; I think she’s just gorgeous, and I do like her a lot. She’s only 19 according to Wikipedia, but I think that she’s styled to look a little older in the TV adverts. Either way, she’s a babe.

I never really bothered with blush until last year. I mean, I spend so much time trying to hide redness in my skin, why on earth would I want to put more on in the form of blusher? I eventually came around though, and feel like it does make you look well. I do wear it most days, and my recent “go to” makeup for everyday wear is blusher and a lip stain.

Aside from my Body Shop Shimmer Waves, which I raved about here, I bought these two colours by MAQuillAGE: PK313, an orangey/coral colour, and RS314, a dusty rose colour (I do wish they would name their blushers instead of just assigning them a number. Although I presume PK stands for pink and RS for rose, which may be useful). They are both gorgeous, and are laced with fine gold glitter, which provides a lovely shimmery sheen. It is more noticeable in the pan, and much more subtle on the cheeks, giving a radiant look rather than overkill.

I’m madly in love with the dusty rose colour, it’s gorgeous, and gives a lovely just-come-in-from-the-cold flush, whereas the coral toned colour lends a just-climbed-the-stairs glow. I like it too, but perhaps a little (ok maybe a lot) less, simply because I tend to prefer rose colours over coral ones. When I was at the Benefit counter in London, the sales assistant kept trying to convince me that Coralista was perfect for me when I had gone to check out Sugarbomb, and I was just so sceptical.

“Don’t you like it? It really suits you and looks good on you because of your skin tone,” she said.

“But… it’s orange!” was my horrified reply.

I tend to be quite heavy-handed with my blusher application, so perhaps if I reigned that in a little bit I would like the way it looks on me more. I obviously still need to experiment with that one. But, I love RS314 very much – it’s totally my type of colour.

They have applied and blended well up until now, but I’ve recently been having a little bit of trouble blending them out, especially PK313, at the edges. I think it may have to do with how dry the air, and therefore my skin, has become with the arrival of winter. The air in Japan gets so dry! It’s just crazy. I’ve never lived anywhere that required the use of dehumidifiers in the summer and humidifiers in the winter before.

Anyway, this is a brand that you may want to check out if you have the chance.

I will leave you with the photos and videos to enjoy at your leisure. All of the colours look a tad warmer in real life.

Hope you’ve had a restful weekend and are looking forward to a great week ahead!

Chuuu xoxo

Here are a couple of adverts for the brand, featuring the stunning Emi Takei:

For more information on the brand, the Japan and Singapore websites are linked below:

Swatched heavily – PK313 on the top, and RS314 on the bottom.


Another shot of the swatches, RS314 to the left, and PK313 to the right.


The swatches blended out a little bit.


The packaging slides open to the side. I believe these are supposed to be refills, and you buy a nicer case separately, but I couldn’t be bothered.


SHISEIDO MAQuillAGE Cheek Colour (sorry the packaging is so dirty!)


I quite like that they are little and compact, although they aren’t the most beautiful thing you might pull out of your makeup bag.


Close up of the powder.


9 thoughts on “MAQuillAGE by Shiseido – blusher

  1. When I was in 1st year in secondary school (13 years old or so) I’d a cool French teacher who tried to engage us with vocabulary that would interest us. When she taught us “maquillage” I thought I would have to live in Paris one day. I love saying that word, how it sounds and it feels to say it. Well snapped up by Shiseido. I used Shiseido skin care and make up for quite a while and I liked it, but then I heard it has skin bleaching ingredients – do you know if there is any truth in that? TIA

    • I like the French spin on it too 🙂 Living in Paris would be so wonderful!
      I think the whitening or brightening ranges would most likely have some kind of skin bleaching ingredients in them, otherwise they wouldn’t get rid of dark spots.
      I’m trying to do more research about ingredients and things, because the last thing you want is to buy something expensive and for it to have harmful ingredients in it, but I’m not quite au fait yet.

  2. Just to clarify it wasn’t the maquillage range you mention. I’m not sure what the name was and I just tried to search for it and wonder if they don’t sell it anymore because I can’t find it. The make up was part of the cle de peau brand I think, but not the regular stuff. It was presented in translucent containers with a purple hue and an almost black lid….? Sorry regretting posting now without facts or even proper information!

    • Not at all, it’s ok 🙂 But I do think it is MAQuillAGE because on the back it says SHISEIDO マキアージュ チークカラー.
      I did buy it about a year ago, at AINZ Tulpe in Harajuku, so it’s possible the packaging is different now, or it has been discontinued, which would be a shame. Mine is also the refill that’s not in the normal nice case that most women would buy, I think.
      Hope my comment helps and we can get to the bottom of the mystery 😀

      • 🙂 I often buy things in Japan without really knowing what’s in them. I’m very white as it is; as a friend once said about me “you’re so white your practically transparent” so I really don’t need anymore bleaching/ whitening products 🙂 One of the reasons I like Origins is because there is less crap (for want of a better word!) in it. I’ve been meaning to try Shu uemura too. I go home in a couple of weeks and I hope to pick something up in duty free, but I can’t be too optimistic cause I’ll have the 3 wee ones with me and no hubby (he’s to work 😦 ) They sell it in Dublin again (they pulled out for a while, don’t know what that was about) so I could always get it there. I just find it easier to shop for new (as I’ve never before worn) make-up in English, yk?

      • I feel the same way! I’ve often bitten into something from the convenience store and been surprised 😉
        I’ve been trying to buy more natural stuff too, but like you’ve mentioned, it’s hard to know exactly what ingredients are in anything here. It’s bad enough when they’re in English and you can read them 🙂
        How exciting for you! Think of all the gorgeous makeup products you’ll be able to buy 😀 Very jealous!

      • Just need to offload the kids for a few afternoons 🙂 When I go shopping with them I end up buying things “haste and waste”! Or worse, buy things they choose. 🙂

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