The Versatile Blogger Award & Liebster the Second – Two Awards, One Post

It would seem that my blog award season has finally arrived. I’m super happy! Now I kind of know how silver screen sirens feel when awards season comes up (it feels amazing)!

I had only just published my first award post when two other nominations came in: The Versatile Blogger award, from the marvellous Asha over at, and a second Liebster Award from the fabulous Jess over at While more honourable people might decline a second nomination, I shall take whatever I can get!

These are both blogs that I love browsing whenever I have time. I love well-written blogs about makeup, and these certainly hit the spot.

It has been really tough for me to choose nominees for these awards, simply because most of the bloggers I follow already have them all! My homework is definitely to keep looking out for new blogs.


The Versatile Blogger Award


Many thanks to Asha over at for making my day with this nomination.

This award is for bloggers who inspire you, and you are supposed to link back to the blogger who nominated you, tell us 7 facts about yourself, and select 15 nominees of your own.

This is hard! Can I just nominate everyone I follow? Obviously if I follow your blog it means I like what you do. I suppose rules are rules though, so here we go. I should add, at this point, that I only nominated five blogs for this award, due to the reasons mentioned previously.

My nominees are:

1. The Beauty Bee – an adorable beauty blog, full of reviews, tips, and is just generally fabulous.

2. Prête Moi Paris – a very recent find for me, but one I fell in love with at first sight. Paris love is all I need.

3. Fashion Follows Her – I love everything about this blog, and now have a wish list a kilometre long because of it.

4. Kitt Noir – I love the daily dose of inspirational quotes and vintage icons.

5. Rilakkuma Desu – Simply because Rilakkuma is pure awesomeness.


Now, 7 facts about me – oh dear.

1. I love Nutella, especially when paired with peanut butter. It is a party in your mouth. Do it now!

2. I have never dyed my hair – nope, not even highlights. I figure that there will be plenty of time to dabble in that once I start going grey, which of course I hope will not be any time soon!

3. I’m a massive Arashi fan. They are the cutest, most hilarious Japanese boyband ever. They’ve been around for a good 13 years at least, and as they’re all thirty or older now, perhaps the term boyband sounds funny, but they’re great. They always manage to make me smile, and I like them a lot. Each member is wonderful and charming in his own way, but, I have to say, MatsuJun does it for me every time. I’m a total fangirl.

4. I own more than 40 pairs of earrings. I’m not sure whether that’s weird or normal, because I’ve never compared collections with anyone else, but it feels like an inordinate amount of earrings for just one person. I can resist most other types of jewellery, but not earrings.

5. I love cake – so much so, that I could probably eat cake for England.

6. My greatest fear (aside from creepy things like spiders and snakes) is probably growing old. It terrifies me like nothing else.

7. I am a proud feminist. I’m the living proof that you can love makeup, fashion, glossy magazines, love attractive men, be super girly in every way, and yet still call yourself a feminist.



The Liebster Award 

Liebster Award

Thank you to Jess over at for nominating me and making me feel like a million dollars.

With this award come rules to follow to help get more new blogs noticed.

The Rules

  • 1. Recognize the nominator(s).
  • 2. Nominate 10 other new bloggers.
  • 3. Answer the 10 questions that the nominator asked you.
  • 4. Create your own 10 questions.
  • 5. Let the nominees know you’ve nominated them.

My 7 nominees (I’m sorry, I could only manage seven as I nominated quite a few last week) are:

1. Tiny Horse – this girl has an amazing taste in shoes! She’s like the Carrie Bradshaw of the blogosphere!

2. She’s Looking at the Stars – a cute, and up and coming beauty blog.

3. My Avon Vintage – a blog that has sent my interest in all things vintage spiralling through the roof.

4. Handbag Fetishist –  a new find for me, but a blog from which I always learn something new every time I visit.

5. Little Irish Beauty Box – A blog about makeup and fashion, topped off with a generous helping of Irish charm.

6. Beautyburgh – a lovely blog with well-written, candid reviews. Her products are always set up so nicely in photos.

7. Beauty in Beta – A blog I thoroughly enjoy looking at, every time.

My answers:

1. What one eyeshadow do you go back to again and again all year round?

I hope eyeshadow palettes count! The one I go back to again and again is Rimmel London’s Glam’Eyes Trio Eye Shadow in 621 Orion. It’s a gorgeous neutral eyeshadow palette that delivers a subtle smoky eye that suits practically any lip colour.

2. If you only could use one brand from now on which would you choose?

Nooooo! This almost impossible to answer! Well, if we include skincare, then I’d have to go with Shu Uemura, because I can’t live without their cleansing oil, and at least they have a great range of makeup I could use as well. If we don’t include skincare, I might have to say Bourjois, since I do use their Healthy Mix Serum foundation a lot, and they’ve got a wonderful range of eyeshadows, eyeliners and cheek colour to choose from as well.

3. If you had limitless spending on one product what would you go with?

Hmmm… serums and overnight moisturising masks! That way, I could buy all of the most expensive ones with impunity.

4. Best dupe you’ve found?

I don’t own either of them myself (yet), but Nars Orgasm looks rather similar to Bourjois Blush #33 Lilas d’or.

5. Favourite drugstore makeup?

There are so many that I love, but I tend to gravitate towards Rimmel, Bourjois, and Barry M in the UK, and Fasio, Kosé, Heroine Make, and Maquillage and Integrate (both Shiseido drugstore lines).

6. Most used nail varnish?

I like to change it up and rarely wear the same colour twice in a row, but Barry M is the brand of nail varnish that I own the most of. I have 10 of theirs, and if I lived in the UK, the damage would be greater I’m sure. So perhaps it’s a good thing I don’t!

7. YouTube channel or blog you watch or read religiously?

I have my obsession phases. It used to be Lisa Eldridge, then it was Pixiwoo, and most recently it has been Frm Head to Toe, Tanya Burr and Chloe Morello, and also Jim Chapman. He makes me laugh.

8. Beauty product you can’t live without?

Lip balm! If it didn’t exist I don’t know what I’d do. Well, actually I do know what I’d be doing – wandering around with the driest and most awful lips in the world! Also, blemish busting gels! I’d be lost, and spotty, without them.

9. Best make up tip?

I’m not a pro at doing liquid liner or a kitten flick by any means, but I find that resting my elbow on a table helps to make it a little less wonky.

10. Favourite concealer?

I’m not sure about favourite, as I haven’t really tried any others at great length, but I use the Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer, in the hope that it suits my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation.

Now for my questions:

1) What was the last thing you bought?

2) What’s in your handbag? (Sorry, I love this question. I’m always intrigued by the contents of others’ handbags)

3) Favourite TV show?

4) What are you most looking forward to at Christmas?

5) If you could choose a wardrobe from any given decade and century what would it be and why?

6) Favourite blusher?

7) Name the first 5 items you see right now if you open your fridge.

8) What was your favourite childhood story/book and do you still like it or have you grown out of it?

9) Favourite bronzer?

10) Youtube or blog you watch or read religiously?

And that, my darlings, is all for now.

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend. It has been rainy and miserable since yesterday here, because of typhoons lurking in the area, but it is clearing up now. Hooray!

Chuuu xoxo

13 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award & Liebster the Second – Two Awards, One Post

  1. Loved reading your answers again. Cake and feminism are my two of my favourite things too :). Thanks for sharing some new blogs!! xx

      • Hehe, exactly!
        I’m sort of ‘known’ between my friends for having the weirdest things in my handbag. But that’s the thing, they mock me for having socks or a hammer in my bag, but when somebody NEEDS something when we’re out they always know to turn to me… ; ) They know I’ll have a clean pair of socks, a bottle opener, nail file, screwdriver…
        I so love reading trivia, especially about bloggers’ handbags : D

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