Bourbon じゃが choco

I’ve always considered the Japanese to be great innovators. Usually people say this of them for their technological inventions, but for me, their prowess lies on the foodie front.

Take this beguiling beauty, for example. Before moving here, I could never have imagined such a combination even in my wildest dreams. During my university days I did love a good old packet of lovely Walker’s Thai Sweet Chilli Crisps coupled with a Cadbury’s Flake, but this takes it all one step further.

Potato chips coated in milk chocolate, with the tiniest, delicate, sprinkling of salt over the top – sheer bliss in one bite.

What more can I say?

Some of you may be going a little bit green around the gills in the face of this, but please, let me assuage your fears – crispy, salty and sweet, this is a harmonious blend of flavours, and as perfect together as strawberries and cream. And in case you think that it might be a bit overkill, the serving size is perfect for one, which is just as well as you’d never want to share it anyway. Bourbon have really exceeded expectations with this offering.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend wherever you are!

Chuuu xoxo





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