RITZ bits sandwiches チョコ

Meet my new favourite snack – chocolate RITZ bits sandwiches.

One look at the packaging and I was sold. Really. I don’t even like RITZ crackers all that much. I mean, I do eat them, and I like them occasionally, but I don’t love them.

These on the other hand? Oh my!

As soon as I popped the first one into my mouth I thought, “This is the beginning of a love story that will span centuries.”

The crackers are crunchy yet soft, not at all the kind that dig into your gums and poke you, but the kind that just melt into lovely nothingness.

And the chocolate, oh the chocolate. Just the perfect amount for a sandwich biscuit.

The saltiness of the crackers combined with the sweetness of the chocolate – beautiful! They are made to be together, like Chuck and Blair.

Please note also, the stalks of wheat swaying in the wind. These gorgeous biccies being made from wholewheat flour is yet another reason for me to keep munching away quite happily.

My only fear is that they are seasonal *gulp*. I will have to make sure I enjoy them again and again and again then, just in case.

This has been true love at first bite… mmmm!


Chuuu xoxo















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