Rimmel London Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner

I picked this up when I was on holiday over the summer. My Shiseido Integrate Show Those Cat Like Eyes liquid pen eyeliner had run out, and I wanted something that wasn’t pricey, and that would work. It was 2 pounds off the RRP as an introductory offer.

As I was having a browse through Boots, I found this, and decided to go for it.

What a mistake. I have never been so disappointed or frustrated with a product before – or at least, it’s been absolutely ages since I’ve felt this way.

The first problem is the fact that it is a felt tip marker type of eyeliner. I had never used one before, but I have since found out that they are really not for me. The tip is far too hard, and irritates the sensitive skin of my eyelid. I never knew I had sensitive eyelids – now I do. When I was trying to create a feline flick with it, all it did was make my eyes water, which messed my makeup up even more.

It is also really difficult to draw a nice line with all of the dragging that goes on when you use it. I don’t know if it is just this one or all felt tip eyeliners generally, but I really can’t imagine how people get on with them. The ink doesn’t come out consistently, either, and you have to keep going over the line you’ve just drawn, like you’re colouring something in.

The third issue I had with it is that it budges and smears so badly. It’s supposed to be waterproof for goodness sake! The line also fades after a while, and has to be fixed.

On the whole, I found it to be an awful product and am quite frankly appalled by the low quality of it. I really expected more from Rimmel. Their Glam’Eyes Trio Eye Shadow in Orion is my go to palette when I want a nude eye (which is often), and I love it! I never expected such disappointment.

I’m really not the kind of person to chuck makeup out, but this will be going in the bin.

I’m really sorry this post turned out to be so negative, but I really have nothing good to say about this eyeliner, and would never recommend it to anyone.

Has anyone else used it before? Is it that I’m using it wrong? I’d love to hear about your experiences with this in the comments below.

Wishing you a lovely Saturday!

Chu xoxo


Here’s the offending product.



A close up of the “Thick or thin line with 3D applicator.”



Lines drawn on the back of my hand: the thin side on the left, and the thick on the right. You can see the black bleeding into the lines already.



After letting it dry for a few minutes, I decided to test the staying power by swiping my thumb across the lines. Yeah, not good.


7 thoughts on “Rimmel London Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner

  1. I actually have this too but the tip is thinner. It’s easier to work with and my eyelids don’t sound as sensitive as yours so I don’t have too much of a negative review on it. I don’t think I have posted a review on it but I do have a post on my blog with a picture of it and the tip. Your thicker tip doesn’t appeal to me as much so I don’t think I’d enjoy the one you bought.

  2. I swear by a felt tip liner. I use Collection 2000 Extreme 24hour felt tip liner and I love it. It’s pointed rather than a chisel tip, it doesn’t run, it glides on with only one coat and stays put for most of the day. And it’s only £2.99!!

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