The Mitsukoshi British Fair

Over the past week, Mitsukoshi department store in Nihonbashi has been holding its annual British Fair.

Having come back from a simply marvellous holiday in the UK a few weeks ago, I was feeling the need to get a bit of Britishness back into my life. So on Sunday, I made my way to east Tokyo, ready to be regaled like a royal.

I shall let the photos speak for themselves.


The location was very well signposted – no getting lost for me for a change!


Once I exited the ticket gates and entered the luxurious department store, I was presented with numerous posters like this. They were like a trail of breadcrumbs, leading to the glorious spoils awaiting me. It was hard to leave the basement though – there is so much decadent food down there!


There were a lot of people there! Apparently I wasn’t the only one craving a bit of Blighty.


I felt like I had been transported back to the UK. It was kind of nice I must admit.


More Britishness than you could shake a stick at.



I’m not sure I’ve ever seen so much tea in one place before. Yorkshire Tea, Twinings, PG Tips, Whittard – you name it, it was there.


Union Jacks à gogo.


Ridiculously overpriced Twinings tea, and a selection of scones: plain, raisin, apple and cinnamon, and Earl Grey. I justified the purchase of the tea on the basis that my precious Yorkshire Tea is running out.


I bought a tea towel. A tea towel! I’ve never bought a tea towel in my life! I mean one of those souvenir type ones anyway. I didn’t even get one at Pooh Corner a few weeks ago! But I got one here, in Tokyo. How mental am I? It is rather lovely you must admit. I just fell in love with Alice Tait’s illustrations of my beloved London.


I spent so much money they gave me presents…


I had a really wonderful time! I can’t wait to go to another event like this!

Chu (aka Japanese kisses)(*^3^)/~☆

4 thoughts on “The Mitsukoshi British Fair

  1. Looked fun! They have fairs at the local departo near here, but always products from other prefectures. I’ve never actually been interested, though a British fair is one I would go to, definitely to pick up some overpriced tea : )

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