Soul Session

I’m about to admit to something major here, can you keep a secret?

I’ve never owned a nude nail varnish.

I can hear the sound of jaws collectively hitting the keyboard – ouch.

“How on earth can I have gone this long in life without having had one?” is most likely the thought on all your minds.

My answer is quite simply, “I don’t know.” I have absolutely no idea. Perhaps it never stuck me as a colour I needed to own.

Perhaps after being well schooled by ELLE and Vogue at last, I made it my mission to pick one up when I was in the UK this summer.

So off I popped to Boots, and browsed the nail varnish aisles for what seemed like hours. My initial reason for picking up Kate Moss for Rimmel London in Soul Session was a very shallow one – the packaging. I just fell in love with the little chunky bottle topped with a chunky cap featuring the crown logo! It’s so cute!

(Kate claims Soul Session is a colour she likes a lot here.)

Ahem, moving on the varnish itself.

I really like this colour. It’s a dusky pink nude with a nice shine, so I suppose you can’t really go wrong with that, and it’s really classy. I feel more ladylike, and have the impression that my fingers look longer and more elegant when I’m wearing it.

I’m wearing two coats with a basecoat and no topcoat. I do wish it were a little bit more opaque, but perhaps it wouldn’t be a nude then? I think I’ll try doing three coats next time so that the white parts are a little less visible. Even with two coats, they aren’t that obvious, you have to look really closely to see them, but I suppose I’m just picky.

This colour also appeals to my slovenly side as even if you go over the cuticles (and I often do) it’s not that noticeable.

I’ve had this polish on since Sunday, and it has stayed put for the most part, but has worn away at the tips a bit. I’m still too indolent for a topcoat, but I’m sure my nails would look much better for using one, although even if I had applied one, I’m very doubtful that it would last perfectly for ten days.

On the whole I can say that I don’t regret buying this in the least, and can see myself wearing it quite often in the months to come, when I get bored of colour.

If there are any nudes you recommend, I’d really love to hear about them in the comments below!



Some photos of Soul Session – it’s slightly deeper and pinker in person. (Bloody mobile phone camera *sigh*)

Here’s hoping that one day I’ll be able to do my nails properly, ha ha!




8 thoughts on “Soul Session

  1. Ha! My jaw is firmly, well, in my jaw? I have never owned a nude nail polish either! 🙂 I do green, black and blue nails, I stamp and stuff, but when I did nude once at my friend’s I felt 49 years old or something. No nude policy here. Tame pink polish makes me feel very tired and as if it was 1950s’ and not in a good way. But you’re right, nudes make nails look longer and slender and generally more feminine.

  2. Hehe, I used to do that too. It was terrible and to top that, my very first nail polish was black and since I was obviously very new to it, I’d literally paint half my nail… It was hilarious. BLACK. We’re talking black. My mistakes? Very easy to spot. But then I was sent to a boarding school where makeup was not allowed, and if I painted my nails anything… if I painted them black I’d be deemed a satanist or something. Long story short, my problem of flooding my skin, cuticles and the lot only reappeared when I went to the uni and I can honestly say: practice, practice, practice. 🙂
    It honestly never occurred to me when I was 12 and terrible at doing my nails to try a nude polish. Black allllllll the way…. 😛
    One more thing, this is Rimmel, but does it have the super thick, flat brush? Because I can’t deal with that, that’s like impossible to avoid your cuticles…
    Take care!

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