Maybelline X Hello Kitty Mascara

Maybelline’s The Hyper Curl Volum’ Express Waterproof mascara is just something that I thought I’d share with you, although I’m sure it also exists outside of Japan, though perhaps with less of a kawaii factor to it.

I bought this quite some time ago actually, and they have changed the packaging since then, but this packaging is basically what melted my heart, since I never use waterproof mascara. Ever.

I like the brush a lot. It’s nice and chunky, just the way I like them, and has a very slight curve. I find it to be a good mascara, though I’m not too sure about the curl part. I’m not bothered by that anyway, I’d rather my eyelashes were long rather than curly, and this mascara does add some length. It is also, as it says on the tube, waterproof. Very much so. Perhaps too much even. This lasted through an entire graduation ceremony, even though I was sobbing as my students were being called up one by one, and the members of the student council were giving their speeches. Even with my limited Japanese I was in tears! Just imagine what I’d have looked like if the speeches had all been in English!

I was so glad that I had listened to my co-worker when I asked , “Waterproof or not waterproof? That is the question.”

As for the packaging, it’s adorable! Just look at it! A collaboration with Hello Kitty that is cute yet classy! Is there anything that this cat cannot do?

The only con about it for me is that it can take a while to take off, longer than I’m used to anyway. I always find that I’m massaging my eyelashes with cleansing oil for ages, only to find later that there still is a bit left on the lashes. But then again, I’m lazy. Perhaps if I used eye makeup remover first I wouldn’t have that problem… hmm…

It’s a nice drugstore mascara that won’t break the bank.




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