Marine Day Nails

Today is Marine Day here in Japan, so I didn’t have to go to work. Hooray for National Holidays!

What better way to celebrate than to do my nails?

I wouldn’t blame you for expecting my nails to be blue or green, or some sort of ocean-y colour, however, as I sadly don’t own any nail varnish in these colours, I went for the next best thing, a bright coral shade. It is summer and as hot as an oven outside, so I thought I’d turn up the heat on my nails too.

This shade is Coral, by Barry M, and opaque in two coats, with a lovely, glossy finish. Well, except my left index finger, which got a bit smudged when I sat on it by mistake. Oops. I wonder if I’ll ever be good at doing my own nails? *sigh*

I was too lazy to use a topcoat, and the colour is a lot more bright and striking in person. It is also redder and darker than in the photos. On the whole I like it and think it’s a very nice colour.





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