Fifty Shades of Japanese Grey

So, I came across E.L. James’s erotic trilogy in a Tokyo bookstore the other day – フィフテイ シェイズ オブ グレイ。

It’s kind of exciting actually! I wasn’t sure whether the phenomenon would ever reach these shores. It may be two years since it was first published, but now Japanese girls can meet Christian Grey.

I’d love to be able to read it in Japanese! I’d give anything to know how they translated all the sex scenes! It will probably make for some either very sexy or very hilarious reading. Will it be popular here? Will Japanese girls fall for Mr. Grey? Or will he put them off? I’m dying to know.

I guess I’d better get cracking and study Japanese a bit harder. Or, and this is probably more realistic, bribe a Japanese friend to read it and tell me all about the naughty bits!



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