This week’s nails – Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot

I just thought I’d share this oh so pretty colour by OPI with you.

We all know that OPI does really nice pinks, and this is no exception.

It’s a bright, vibrant pink, perfect for summer and my camera phone photos really don’t do it justice. It’s a much more vivid, hot pink when you see it in person.

It’s opaque enough for me in two coats and I didn’t use a topcoat. The colour tends to wear away at the tips after a couple of days on me, so I think I’d be better off using a topcoat, or even doing three coats and then a topcoat, but a) I’m really lazy, and b) I’m really impatient.

They don’t sell Seche Vite here so I have to go old school and flap my arms about like I’m about to take flight! It is quite a sight to see I must admit. How incredibly I must amuse my neighbours!

Anyway, it’s all worth Feelin’ Hot Hot Hot for once I see my beautiful hot pink nails. Just one look at them is enough to cheer me up, even on a Monday morning commute to work.




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