This week’s nails – the “accent nail”

Please ignore the state of my cuticles, as well as my messy and inexpert nail varnish application. (I tell myself one can’t be good at everything, to make myself feel better)

Ahem, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, as I tried something new this week, I wanted to upload it.

This is my first attempt at the “accent nail” trend. It’s been popular here in Japan for a while now.

I used Barry M’s Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Pomegranate as the main colour, and Barry M’s Nail Paint in Amethyst Glitter for the accent.

I love Barry M nail varnish anyway, but I am so in love with this Gelly Nail Paint. It’s a beautiful colour, glossy, quick drying, and opaque in one coat (either that or I put too much on in one go!).

The Amethyst Glitter is lovely, opaque in two coats with a bit of coaxing and the most beautiful colour, but as with most glitter nail varnish, a royal pain to remove. Using it as an accent colour is a nice way to use it but not spend ages taking it off and making sure every particle of glitter has been removed afterwards.



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