Shu Uemura, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… 3

I had never curled my eyelashes before last year. That is a LONG time in this day and age for a woman to go without ever having curled her eyelashes.

Trust me on this one.

If you’ve ever taken a look at a pair, you might understand why – they look like medieval instruments of torture! Like something that would have been used by the guards in the Tower of London to extract information from traitors plotting to overthrow the monarchy! I was approached with a pair once, and hurriedly backed away, fearing for my life.

But last year – the year I magically became a beauty junkie – I decided to try it out.

As I was ambling around Don Quixote one day, I spied a pair of Shu Uemura eyelash curlers that cost ¥1,200. That’s half the selling price in the UK! It was a bargain I could not resist (well in my defense, who could?).

After using them (extremely carefully) I could only marvel at how open my eyes looked.

What a difference curling your eyelashes makes!

At £20 a pair and only one extra rubber pad, I can see how it might be quite off putting. But, though I have not by all means tried and tested many eyelash curlers, I think I may have already found my perfect pair.

I also own a Shiseido drugstore version that is very affordable, and I must say, they are different enough that I’m sure you will have a preference. The curve of the Shiseido pair is deeper, if that makes sense, whereas the Shu pair is a bit flatter.

I also need to add, during the Golden Week sales earlier this month, I could not help purchasing yet another Shu Uemura pair that was on sale at a drugstore in Osaka for a measly ¥788. That price is mental! One-third of the retail price in the rest of the world!

So, although Japan is notorious for being one of the most expensive countries in the world, even for their own cosmetic and beauty products (Shiseido, how could you?) the eyelash curlers are a steal!

Either pick up a pair while you’re visiting, or beg/bribe a friend living in Japan!

For me, it’s been so worth it.

Image ImageImage



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