Shu Uemura, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways… 1

My skin is the Atacama Desert of skins and no matter what products I used to wash my face in the past, my skin would always end up feeling so tight and paper-thin I thought it would tear if I smiled.

It happened suddenly, and by chance.

I was indulging in my newly discovered makeup addiction and looking for a good foundation at the Shu Uemura counter in Takashimaya Times Square when the lovely makeup assistant took my makeup off with Shu’s new cleansing oil – Ultime8.

While part of me was horrified at being barefaced before all the world in the cruel, unforgiving lighting of the department store, the remaining part was captivated by its delightful scent and how baby soft my skin was left feeling after the cleansing oil and makeup were removed with a cotton pad.

I gazed at the retail assistant in amazement.

“It’s amazing! Will it give me pimples?” I inquired in disbelief.

“No. No pimples,” she smiled back.

“I don’t believe you. Really?”

“Yes! I use it myself so I know.”

After a week or so of indecision and raiding Shu counters across Tokyo for samples, I bit the bullet and treated myself to the 150ml bottle. Though a fair bit pricier than Shu’s previous cleansing oil releases, I could not resist.

Having used up and adored that, there was no doubt that I would be purchasing the bigger bottles from that point on – the 450ml.

Look at the bottle. It screams class. Liquid gold. That’s what I call it. All right, while the bottle is a beautiful shade of amber, the oil itself is clear, but let’s not distract ourselves with such trivialities.

And coming back to the price, while it may set you back a pretty penny, you do get what you pay for, and it lasts forever. I started my new 450ml bottle in February if I remember correctly, and still have three quarters of the bottle left. I do find the recommended four pumps a touch excessive and use two pumps myself, which suffice largely.

Before I forget, a word on breakouts – I haven’t noticed myself getting any more pimples than I used to before.

I cannot even remember the time when I didn’t use cleansing oil on my face; it has become a hazy and distant memory (although in reality it was only about six months ago).


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